Ms. Agata


This is my 6th year at EMS and 11th year as Primary Art Teacher. I'm looking forward to have a lot of fun with students teaching about artists and art concepts . We will explore vast techniques and materials with students in year 4 and 5-1, 5-2, 5-3, 5-4 . This academic year Ms. Nitz, our great teaching assistant will support us in this learning process.

My classroom is on the last floor in the ECC building.

Art is fun but can get very chaotic and stressful, to avoid this we obey Art Classroom Rules.

If you ever wondered how Art lesson looks like take a look below.

Year 4

Many students asked me about the music that they were listing to during our last project about Rene Magritte.

Here it is "Una Mattina" Ludovico Einaudi

Year 5 African Masks

We talked about many roles of masks in tribal communities in Africa. We also investigated how they influenced Pablo Picasso, so he came up with the idea of Cubism.

Year 4 Chinese Culture

Ancient Chinese legends are absolutely fascinating. They portray dragons as celestial animals that came to earth to teach people how to write poetry,

produce art and music. They are still considered as lucky charms.

Where did legendary dragons live ? On top of mountains. Why there ? Maybe because they are often covered with fog, what makes them look mysterious. Moreover maintains are not easily achievable. All that make summits a good hiding place for celestial dragons from Chinese legends.

Year 4 Gustav Klimt's "Tree of Life"

We touched base with Gustav Klimt's biography and how his person life influenced his style of painting.

Year 5 "The Great Wave" by Hokusai

We made a pastiche of the most famous Japanese pieces of art , "The Great Wave off Kanagawa". We used a shape of a cat for our projects.

Year 4 Doodle Names

Our very first art project were students introduced themselves.