Ms. Masuma



My name is Masuma. I am from the United Kingdom. This is my third year in Doha and with English Modern School. I am the art teacher for Upper Primary in EMS. I will be teaching classes 5-5, 5-6, 5-7,5-8 and all of year 6. This year Ms Nits will be supporting year 5 & 6.

I am looking forward to working with new students. I hope to help my students apply their artistic skills and enhance their creative side!

My classroom is located in Block E (top floor).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me :

Thank you.

Parents consultation night

If you wish to meet with me on Wednesday 6th December 2:30pm-5:10pm, please click the link below. Thank you.

Year 5

Inspiration : Found Poetry

Year 6

Element of Art: Shape and space.

Artist Inspiration: Japanese Art (Notan Design)

Practicing and understanding the principles of design that helps students develop composition skills.

This activity taught students about the principal of shape and space. Specifically, positive and negative space and how they react to each other.

Year 5

Element of Art : Colour and Line

Artist Inspiration : Katsushika Hokusai

Material : Watercolour, Silver metalic acrylic and black marker.

Students created a mini series of Mount Fuji and " The Great Wave off Kanagawa". Full of vibrant colour and compelling use of space, each of these prints depicts Japan's most famous landmark, Mount Fuji.

Year 6

Element of Art : Shape, space and value

Understanding what vanishing point and 2 point perspective is. Students created a 3D effect by using 2D shape.

(Using shapes and letters to create 2 point perspective.)

Year 6

Element of Art : Value

Apply shading and toning techniques to 2D shapes. This helped create a 3D effect.

Year 5

Element of Art: Line

Artist Inspiration : Katsushika Hokusai

Material : Coffee, tea, water colour paper, styrofoam and block printing paint.

Step by step of how we created landscape. The water colour paper was stained by coffee and tea to give an authentic look.

Step 1 - Stain the watercolour paper. Using tea or coffee to give it a rustic look.

Step 2 - Use a colouring pencil to outline your design.

Step 3 - Use black ( colour of your choice) block print and roll it over your design.

Step 4 - Gently place your styrofoam on top of tea/coffee stain paper.

Step 5- Using a roller, gently roll over the styrofoam. You want the paint to print on the paper.

Step 6 - Lift your paper up, nice and slowly. Voila! you created your very own print!

Year 5

Element of Art: Line

Artist Inspiration : Katsushika Hokusai

Material : Markers

Year 5 learnt about the famous Japanese artist, best known for his woodblock prints.

Students looked at various work by Hokusai, they looked at how Hokusai applied lines and details. They created their own wave from 'The Great Wave off Kangawa'.