Ms. Wendy

Year 2 & Year 3 Art

Our Art class Mantra

"Creativity is our superpower, imagination is our wings."

-Ms. Wendy

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Hi There!

My name is Wendy. This is my first year at EMS. I am very excited about the art journey we are going to take this year when we are exploring different art concepts, media, and techniques. We are also going to use Growth Mindset throughout our lessons, and the students are encouraged to try their best. I believe Art is fundamental for nurturing our creativity which is one of the 21st century essential skills for our future. I am looking forward to our fun journey ahead! :)

Meet Our Art class Monsters Mr. Kevin & Mr. Bob

What Are We Learning Now?

Year 2 Monster- Kevin and Year 3 Monster- Bob will keep the students updated about what they are currently learning and the skills they need to master.

Week 1-Week 3

of October


Exploring Painting


Watercolor Techniques


Concentric Circles

Copy of Year 2.pdf

Line Exercise

Wisdom in Art

" Every new line is a new adventure!"

From Joury Class 2-5


Students were collaborating and problem solving with their partner. They were practicing making different lines by lining up the cubes.

Get Creative Juice

After outlining the lines they made, they had to squeeze out their imagination and get creative.


Painting Abstract Art with Watercolor


Bubbler Letters & Thumb Printing

Year 2 students learned how to create bubble letters on the art folders and decorated them with a variety of lines. They also created thumb printings around their names.


Beautiful Oops

"When you think you have made a MISTAKE, think of it as an OPPORTUNITY to make something BEAUTIFUL!"

From the book " Beautiful Oops" by Barney Saltzberg

We read the book " Beautiful Oops" by Barney Saltzberg and discussed about mistakes and how we can use it as an opportunity to create something beautiful using our superpower- imagination.

Students blind picked one "Oops" scrap paper from each Oops box, then let their imagination gone wild from that to create a mixed-media collage.


Self Portrait with Abstract Art Background

Copy of Year 3- Self Portrait.pdf

Qatar National Day Celebration -Qatar #1 Cheering Big Finger