The Primary Counselors

Miss Catherine

Lower Primary Counselor

KG1 - Year 2

Welcome to the Primary Counselling Department

As counselors, our role includes supporting students academically, emotionally/socially and behaviourally.

Our goal is to support students in reaching their full academic potential and enjoy a positive school experience.

We work with students, parents, and fellow staff members to help students receive the support needed to be successful.

If you wish to get in touch, here are our emails below:

  • Catherine:
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Ms. Imeet

Upper Primary Counselor

Year 3 - Year 6

Importance of a Good Routine

Let's talk Bedtimes...

“Although it is normal for some children to have worries, it is crucial to help them adjust to a routine. Avoidance of school and a bedtime routine will only increase and reinforce a child’s fears. It’s important for parents to help their children readjust to a school-time sleep-schedule, with scheduled time for meals, studying, and sleep,” says Dr. Al Yafei.

Anti Bullying Week


This week in Primary school we are reinforcing Anti bullying throughout the school. We will be discussing ways on how to prevent bullying, how do we stop bullies and how to take care of a friend who's being bullied. Activities will be happening across the school - in classrooms, the library, playgrounds, assemblies etc. We encourage you to also discuss this important topic with your child at home. They may complete home activities such as sharing a story, a piece of writing or a small poster and share it with their teacher and class and discuss.

This is not a required project but a wonderful idea to show how we all care by sharing it with their classmates and teacher.