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Importance of a good Routine - Hamad Hospital Report

“Although it is normal for some children to have worries, it is crucial to help them adjust to a routine. Avoidance of school and a bedtime routine will only increase and reinforce a child’s fears. It’s important for parents to help their children readjust to a school-time sleep-schedule, with scheduled time for meals, studying, and sleep,” says Dr. Al Yafei.


Behaviour Management at Home

Managing your child’s behaviour can be a sensitive subject. Everyone has different ideas and expectations about behaviour, different personalities and parenting styles, and – of course – all our children are different too. However, if you feel you may need some help managing your child’s behaviour, there is a wide range of ideas in this pack which suit most situations and may offer that little bit of variety or incentive to achieve changes in behaviour. Most of these ideas are used effectively by teachers in classrooms every day.

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Anxious Students

Often a child can become anxious in a new setting or environment. This could be because of a range of triggers, new friends, new teachers, new emotions etc. In this article we have development 3 strategies in which we use with anxious kids of all ages to make them feel safe and comfortable in their environment so they can continue to achieve greatness!