Welcome to KG1 Homepage

Welcome to all of you, within this page you will find important information that apply to all our KG1 classes. We have class homepages for specific information, please visit the KG1 homepage and your child's class homepage regularly as there might be important information for you.

Important Dates and Events

  • 22nd to 25th April: Science Week
  • 22nd April: World Earth Day
  • 25th April: Secretary Appreciation Day

KG1 Team for this academic year:

Alphabet Activities will start o the 28th of March !

Alphabet activities.pdf

Principal: Ms. Joneen Walker

Assistant Principal: Ms. Julia Ringland

Team Leader: Ms. Hana Bou Moughlbay

  • KG1 Dolphins: Ms. Karen and Ms. Jovy
  • KG1 Crabs: Ms. Andreea and Ms. Joanne
  • KG1 Goldfish: Ms. Janine and Ms. Marrieane
  • KG1 Starfish: Ms. Hana and Ms. Sherlyn
  • KG1 Lobsters: Ms. Lorena and Ms. Analisa
  • KG1 Seals: Ms. Abeer and Ms. Leah

Please note:

  • School starts at 7:00 am and finishes at 12:00 pm, please pick up your child at time as they really get tired by the end of the day.
  • Please send your child with a backpack as trolley bags are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • Please send with your child labelled clothes in case of accident.
  • Please notify your child will not be released unless the sibling is year 7 and up, if you want to send a relative, new nanny or driver to pick up your child you have to email the teacher.
  • Send with your child healthy snacks. Please do not send doughnuts, nutella sandwiches, nuggets, french fries, chocolate bars or cake, candy, chips and nuts.

An interview took place with our Superintendent Mr. JC with the Al Jazeera about the importance of school uniform.