KG1 Dolphins

Class teacher: Caoimhe Barr

Sports day - photo album click here

Click here to see photos from the Civil Defence field trip.

Important dates to note

· 4th February; trip to Civil Defense. Please return permission slips ASAP.

· 7th February; 100 days at school celebration.

· 10th February; sports day. Our class will wear green t shirts on this day (I thought this would be better than choosing another colour, as most of the children have green from international day).

· 24th - 28th February; book week

Peek at our Week

27th January- 7th February 2019

Continuing on from last week in “The World Around Me” topic, we will be looking at the community helpers. This includes; firefighters, police officers, doctors, vets, teachers and so on. We will discuss ways in which these people help us stay healthy and stay safe. Over the next two weeks, I will be introducing new vocabulary to the children.

We will be looking at non-fiction books to enhance children's learning, so far they have enjoyed these 'stories' about the different professions of people in our community and the different roles ad responsibilities they have.

Children will be taking part in problem solving activities to help them gain a better understanding of mathematical concepts including; sorting; patterning and number related problems. They will also be tracing and practicing numbers 0-5.

I have decided to put a push on children's fine motor skills so there will be plenty of drawing, cutting and using malleable materials for children to use their fingers to manipulate.

International day assembly was a massive success! Kg1 Dolphins performance was outstanding. Well done to all the children. Thanks to all the parents who came along to support us. Check out pictures here from international day here (there is also some videos too ...thanks to Ms. Catherine).

Alhuda Bakery

Kg1 Dolphins were lucky to travel to Alhuda Bakery on Salwa Road, to see how bread there is made. Children seen the bread in its 'before stage', with some of them commenting that it looked and felt like playdough! They were nt wrong. The baker gave us a great tour around and to finish off we all got zatar, cheese bread and pizza. It was a great day out. Click here for the pictures.

Well done Yousef!

Yousef got the POP award for giving amazing examples and definitions during our discussions about the 'people who help us' in our community.

Well done Gacia!

Gacia got the POP award for always helping and looking out for others.

Well done Malak. E!

Malak got the POP award for always helping and looking out for others.

The World Around Me - January 2019

Our unit for Term 2 is “The World Around Me”. Students will take a journey through their community and discover the people and places that are present in their everyday lives. Children will visit different habitats and discover plants and animals that share our community and how they can care for their environment. Within this unit children will explore the people who help them in their everyday lives this will include doctors, dentists, teachers, vets, shop assistants and so on. We plan to transform our classrooms into different dramatic role-play areas so children are exposed to a variety of environments. The role-play areas will also facilitate imaginative play as well as extending children’s vocabulary.

Qatar National Day

Thanks to all the parents who sent in food to share on for the National Day Celebration on Friday passed. We were all very full up afterwards, it was delicious. National Day was super busy in school and I did not get to snap as many pictures as I would have hoped but please feel free to browse the album anyway, click here.

Thank you to the parents volunteers who accompanied kg1 dolphins on our trip to Baladna Park! Click here to see some snaps from the trip.

We had so much fun at our picnic! Thank you to the kind parents who sent snacks to school with their child to share with their friends. Click here to see some photos from Thursday!

Playdough Recipe

Playdough is a great way of developing your child's fine motor skills, which are essential for writing! This is the recipe I have been using for the last few years. You will need:

2 cups flour

1 cup of salt

1 tablespoon of oil

1 cup warm water (makes it softer than cold water)

& add food colouring to water (to make the playdough more attractive)

Mix this all together in a mixing bowl, if it is too sticky add more flour!

**********double up the recipe if you want lots of playdough :)

Thank you to all the parents who got involved in the maths morning this week! The children done great, they were all very well behaved and worked hard on the various maths activities. We appreciate all those parents who had taken time out of their days to visit our class. We took a few photos which you can view here. Enjoy.

Pssssssssssssssssssssst! Parents, finally some pictures. Just click here to enjoy some snaps from your child's first few weeks in Kg1!