KG1 Goldfish

Welcome Parents,

My name is Miss Renai. I have been a teacher for 12yrs here in Qatar. My last 5 years have been spent at English Modern School. This is my 3rd time teaching KG1 and I have also previously taught KG2 and year 1.

Myself and My co-teacher Miss Joan look forward to meeting and spending time with your lovely children.

We hope this year is filled with lots of learning, creativity and fun!

All information regarding your child's class will be posted on this site.


Any questions or comments please contact me via email.

18th September

Dear Parents,

We are going to be discussing our family and where we live next week.

Please send a shoe or tissue box or any empty box into school with your child as we will be using them for a 'family and homes' project.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

T-Shirt Day 20th September

Please send a plain white t-shirt to school with your child on or before the 20th of September. The children will decorate the t-shirts in school with paint and markers so please make sure there are no logos or pictures on the shirt.

Thank you

NOTE: KG1 Goldfish


Please ensure your child comes to school wearing full P.E kit on these days.


Important Information.

Our school is a nut FREE school and we have a NO nut policy - No nuts, NO peanut butter sandwiches and NO food containing nuts please.

This is extremely important as we do have children with nut allergies. Any food found containing nuts will be sent home unconsumed.

Please take notes of the following things:

-Please be on time, class starts at 7:00 am and pick up is at 12:00 noon sharp. Please don't be late picking up your child, please think of how tired they must be by the afternoon. We don't want the children to hate school because they are tired of waiting for you to pick them up. So please do everything you can to make sure your child is picked up at 12:00 noon.

-Please send extra clothes labelled with your child's name. These are for any accidents that may happen and will be kept inside their bags in case they are needed throughout the year.

-Please label all items your child brings to school with their name.

-For your child's snack, please send healthy small snacks such as fresh fruits, sandwiches (Finger food). Please do not send in sweets, chips, fried foods such as nuggets and french fries, candy bars or sodas.

-Please send an art apron for the children to use during painting with long sleeves. You can send dad's old shirt to use during painting if you like.

-Please send enough water to last your child throughout the day.

-If your child needs to take any medication on a regular basis, please contact the school nurse. All medication must be given to the school nurse as soon as your child comes to school.

-Kindly be informed that children must not bring jewelry to school. We will not be responsible for any losses.

-Kindly be informed that all information and class photographs will be put up on to the Google Site.

-Kindly keep up to date with our KG1 Team’s Google page and our class KG1 Goldfish Google page for any important information and updates. I will not be sending out many emails, as all our information will be displayed on the Google site.

-Open lines of communication are extremely important and I can be contacted via my email address, you can call the school directly on the number above or you can make an appointment with me at any time.

-Our class schedule will be updated soon.

I hope you will be able to work with me hand in hand to make this academic year a success for your child, yourself and our EMS community. I do believe that I cannot achieve the highest expectations without your help and support. Thank you so much!

Lets let the fun begin!!!!!

What a great start to KG1!!


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This weeks ESLR superstars.....13/9/18

Effective Communicator

Mohamed Attia expresses himself very well in English and loves listening to stories.

Effective Communicator

Maryam Abdulwahab uses her words to express herself clearly in English. She is very polite and loves to sing.