KG1 Lobsters

Welcome Parents to KG1 Lobsters class,

My name is Ms. Lorena Socorro and I come from Venezuela. I will be your child's teacher this year! I have been teaching at EMS Doha for 5 years and I also taught in Venezuela for 4 years. Please do not hesitate to speak to me in regard to any issues or concerns or even to send me an email. I am sure this year is going to be a fantastic year for all of us. Please keep checking our KG1 home page and our KG1 Lobsters page very regularly as I post important information and some photos of the children learning during the day.

Our classroom Teaching Assistant is Ms. Janet. She has been working with young children for 11 years and this is her first year in our school. We are both here to support your child and to support you. Ms. Janet and I support the school policy of healthy snacks. So please do not send nutella sandwiches, chips, chocolates or fizzy drinks.

Contact Details:

My email is:

School phone number: 44883806

Fun and Educational Websites for Kids

(Please Click on the Link to go the Websites below)

Our unit for Term 2 is “The World Around Me.”

Our unit for Term 2 is “The World Around Me”. Students will take a journey through their community and discover the people and places that are present in their everyday lives. Children will visit different habitats and discover plants and animals that share our community and how they can care for their environment. Within this unit children will explore the people who help them in their everyday lives this will include doctors, dentists, teachers, vets, shop assistants and so on. We plan to transform our classrooms into different dramatic role-play areas so children are exposed to a variety of environments. The role-play areas will also facilitate imaginative play as well as extending children’s vocabulary.

A Peek At Our Week!

February 10th-11th , 2019

This week we will continue revising the following big ideas:

  • Taking care of our belongings
  • Taking care of the environment
  • Community helpers (doctor, nurse, vet, teacher, baker and/or chef, firefighter, and police officer)
  • Counting from 1 - 10
  • Letter sounds i, j, k, and l

Stories of the week:

  • Polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear? by Bill Martin/Eric Carle
  • George takes a road trip
  • Dr Seuss's ABC
  • My Many Colored Days by Dr Seuss

Educational websites:

JOLLY SONGS A-Z Alphabet Song

Learn to Count with Shawn the Train - Fun and Educational Cartoon for Kids

We All Go Traveling By

Hurray for Baba Ali Season 2 Community Helpers

Our school has a nuts free policy No nuts or peanut butter sandwiches please

Coming Up Events

12th,13th and 14th Feb- Mid Term break

17th - 21st Feb- Citizenship Week

21st Feb - Assembly (small cafeteria at 7:30 AM)

24TH-28TH Feb- Book week

Fun Thursday

Thank you Parents for your continued support!

Important Information

12th,13th and 14th Feb- Mid Term break

Please remember to wear a plain black t-shirt next Sunday February 10th for Sports Day.

Celebrating 100 days of School on 7th of February.

Dear Parents on this special day we will recognise that your children are 100 days smarter. We will have lots of fun activities in class and will focus on 1 to 1 counting. We need your help to make this a fun day for the children.

Please choose from the list opposite and send items in to your child's class on Wednesday the 6th Feb. Please be reminded you do not have to buy all of these, 2 is sufficient.

They will be shared and used for counting with the children for our 100 days/ 100 things activity, which will be sent home with your child on the 7th.

  • Popcorn
  • Pretzels
  • Cheese its
  • M&M's
  • Skittles
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Teddy Grahams
  • Goldfish biscuits
  • Fruit loops
  • Cheerios

Classroom News:

12th,13th and 14th Feb- Mid Term break

Thank you!

KG1 Lobsters Timetable

Please take notes of the following things:

-Please be on time, class starts at 7:00 am and pick up is at 12:00 noon sharp.

-Please send extra clothes labelled with your child's name. These are for any accidents that may happen and will be kept inside their bags in case they are needed throughout the year.

-Please label all items your child brings to school with their name.

-For your child's snack, please send healthy small snacks such as fresh fruits, sandwiches (Finger food). Please do not send in sweets, chips, fried foods such as nuggets and french fries, candy bars or sodas.

-Please send an art apron for the children to use during painting with long sleeves. You can send dad's old shirt to use during painting if you like.

-Please send enough water to last your child throughout the day.

-If your child needs to take any medication on a regular basis, please contact the school nurse. All medication must be given to the school nurse as soon as your child comes to school.

-Kindly be informed that children must not bring jewelry to school. We will not be responsible for any losses.

-Kindly keep up to date with our KG1 Team’s Google page and our class KG1 Lobsters Google page for any important information and updates. I will not be sending out many emails, as all our information will be displayed on the Google site.

-Open lines of communication are extremely important and I can be contacted via my email address, you can call the school directly on the number above or you can make an appointment with me at any time.

We are so excited to have you and your children as a part of our learning community!

Congratulations to our ESLR Awardees!!!

Zeina Elshenawy Layan Salim

POP Star of the Week

Congratulations to Aly Abdelhadi!