KG1 Starfish

Upcoming Events!

. Mid Term break: 12th,13th and 14th February

. Book week: 24th-28th February

What's Going in our Class !

Our unit for Term 2 is “The World Around Me”. Students will take a journey through their community and discover the people and places that are present in their everyday lives. Children will visit different habitats and discover plants and animals that share our community and how they can care for their environment. Within this unit children will explore the people who help them in their everyday lives this will include doctors, dentists, teachers, vets, shop assistants and so on. We plan to transform our classrooms into different dramatic role-play areas so children are exposed to a variety of environments. The role-play areas will also facilitate imaginative play as well as extending children’s vocabulary.

Week of 17th to the 21st of February

Every Sunday, we will be sharing our weekend news. It is about what they did during the weekend which is drawn in their journals and shared to the class as well. Through sharing, their special moments will help boost their confidence.You can practice drawing at home with your child, modeling how to draw simple objects will be a big help for them.

It is essential to teach our children the following social and emotional skills at home which is the foundation to stay focused in learning their academics like listening, using polite words,being responsible, sharing, taking turns, self regulation, following directions and mindfulness. Click: social and emotional development and self regulation for more information.

Thursday Fun !

Fun and Educational Websites for Kids

  • ABCya
  • Starfall
  • Storyline Online
  • Topmarks
  • Kizclub
  • Phonics Play

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KG1 Starfish Timetable

P.E. is on Sunday and Thursday so please make sure that your child is wearing the P.E. uniform!!