Welcome to KG2 Homepage

Welcome to the KG2 Homepage. Within this page you will find related important information and notices that apply to all KG2 classes. For information and notices that apply to a specific KG2 class, please visit the class homepage that your child is in by clicking on the three horizontal lines on the top left hand side of this page click on KG2 and then select your child's class. Please visit the KG2 homepage and your child's class page regularly as the KG2 team might put up important information for you

Upcoming Events

11th September - Meet the Teacher Night from 5pm to 7pm

20th September - T-shirt Day

4th October - Poetry Day

11th October - KG2 Assembly - KG2 Swans and KG2 Toucans are the hosting classes. Parents of these two classes are invited to the Assembly. Please scroll down for Assembly details.

21st-27th October - Mid Term Break

28th October - Safety Week

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The Term Newsletter will explain briefly what big ideas we are focusing and they ways we are going to deliver them to our students. As well as the variety of skills which we are going to focus on throughout each term.

Message from the Arabic Department

Please click here to view the video. Thank you

Arabic Books and Islamic Books

Arabic Book (blue Book) - You will recieve the book on Sunday to complete the assigned homework. Please send the book on Thursday for the teacher to mark.

Islamic Book - Please remove the Islamic Book from your child's bag as this book is not used at school at all. It is to be used at home only.

POP Award

The POP Awards were awarded to the following superstars for week ending 27th September 2018

1. Haya Harb - KG2 Toucans 2. Youssef Beshara - KG2 Swans 3. Yazan Abuasbeh - KG2 Owls

4. Faisal Al Sada - KG2 HB 5. Layan Alkahlout - KG2 Eagles 6. Sarah Abdalla - KG2 Eagles

7. Sama Mohamed - KG 2 Falcons

First Day Jitters

The first days can be an anxious time for some children (and some moms and dads, too!). They walk in a new room with all of those new kids, and new grownups, and new "stuff" and maybe Mom looks a little teary-eyed that her "baby" is growing up so fast...well, it's no wonder some kids might suddenly cling to their parents and cry! Here are some tips for getting through the first few days:

Try to act confident yourself. If you seem anxious and unsure about leaving your child, your child will pick up on that and start wondering if there really is something to worry about!

Be consistent with good byes. We will greet your child and you can give kisses and say good-bye. We promise to embrace your child and help ease him/her into the classroom!

Make sure to say good-bye when you leave. Trying to "sneak out" when the child is busy and not looking sometimes makes the kids panic a few minutes later,and may make separation even more difficult the next day.

Arrive on time! It seems to be easier on most children if they arrive just before the classroom door is opened. This way they can enter the classroom with their friends! It can be much harder when they arrive after all of the other children have settled into activities.

Separation problems sometimes show up on the second or third day, just when you thought you were getting off easy! It is also common for children to have difficulties when there are major changes in the home. Let us know if there is anything happening at our house that you think is important for us to be aware of.

We are parents ourselves and really do understand how hard this can be. We know that you are entrusting us with a very precious gift, and we feel honored that we will be your child's first teachers.

If your child is having an especially hard time, we will give you a call on your cell or home phone (make sure we have these numbers!).

We are looking forward to a great year!

KG2 Team for the Academic Year 2018-2019

Team Leader: Ms. Saja Sooud 1. KG2 Owls - Ms. Saja Sooud and Ms. Jonna

2. KG2 Swans - Ms. Emma and Ms. Leah 3. KG2 Toucans - Ms. Nancy and Ms. Filma

4. KG2 Falcons - Ms. Janine and Ms. Marianne 5. KG2 Eagles - Ms. Marissa and Ms. Katty

6. KG2 Humming Birds - Ms.Mel and Ms. Clara Floating TA - Ms. Gina

Our school has a nuts free policy - No nuts, peanut butter sandwiches please

Please take notes of the following things:

  • Please be on time, class starts at 7:00 am and pick up at 12:00 noon sharp. Don't be late to pick up your child as we do not provide a waiting room, please think of how tired they must be by the afternoon. We don't want the children to hate school because they are tired of waiting for you to pick them up.
  • Please send extra clothes labeled with your child's name and hand it to your class teacher.
  • Please send an art apron for the children to use during painting with long sleeves. If you have dad's old shirt to use during painting will be a better option.
  • Please send enough food and water to last your child throughout the day. Most classes have two breaks each day.
  • Children wear school PE uniform on PE days only.


The KG2 classes have a monthly scheduled assembly. These assemblies are conducted by two hosting classes that join together to display a performance or a segment representing a topic or an event. These classes are announced on this page when the time comes close to the assembly date. The two hosting classes will ask their parents to attend the assembly. The assemblies usually take place on Thursdays at 7:30 am. The invitation is to the parents of the hosting classes only please. If you come to attend an assembly and your child's class is not the hosting class you are going to be disappointed as you will not see your child performing.