KG2 Eagles

Ms Marissa and Ms Katty

contact: or call +974 4488 3806 to book an appointment

KG 2 Term 2 Newsletter is posted at our mainpage

Important Dates:

10th February - Lower Primary Sports Day

12-14 February - Mid Term Break School will resume on the 17th Feb.

17th - Citizenship Week

24th - 28th February - Book Week

25th - 27th - Trip MIA Library and Park

Our Term 2 Big Idea is focused on How The World Works. Students will gain the understanding of how the world functions and the importance of interaction with the world to influence change. We will continue learning about living things around us, survival and responsibilities of people to the world. Comprehension stories, story map, letters, numbers and fine motor skills will be integrated in our lessons.

If you live in a house, where do other living things live?

(Habitat, shelter, environment)

We are expressing ourselves in different ways mostly by speaking our minds and moving our body. Listening and observing is a way of understanding one another and knowing when to use our soft and loud voices. We are practicing soft voice or inside voice while in our classroom which helps them to calm down and regulate their feelings. You can also try it at home!

A must read on how tablets and smartphones impact our child's development.

It is essential to teach our children the following social and emotional skills at home which is the foundation to stay focused in learning their academics like listening, using polite words,being responsible, sharing, taking turns, self regulation, following directions and mindfulness. Click: social and emotional development and self regulation for more information.

We do calming activities and wiggles out dance every transition and they love it!. Here is the GONOODLE site that you can do at home.

Every Sunday, we will be sharing our weekend news. It is about what they did during the weekend which is drawn in their journals and shared to the class as well. Through sharing, their special moments will help boost their confidence.You can practice drawing at home with your child, modeling how to draw simple objects will be a big help for them.

There are lots of activities that can be found in the internet. Here are some you can do at home, just click on the activities/ videos for follow up:

We started simple math problem solving, addition (1-10) and skip counting by 2, 5 and 10

Arabic Books and Islamic Books

Arabic Book (blue Book) - You will receive the book on Sunday to complete the assigned homework. Please send the book on Thursday for the teacher to mark.

Islamic Book - Please remove the Islamic Book from your child's bag as this book is not used at school at all. It is to be used at home only.


Classes start at 7 am and ends at 12 pm. Please be on time as we record tardiness at 7:15 and late pick ups.

We encourage healthy foods. NO CHOCOLATES including cookies filled with chocolate and nutella, NO SWEETS like donuts, cakes, NO CHIPS and NUTS. Bring extra water in a reusable bottle. No plastic water bottles please.

Please bring reusable spoon and fork for their food. We do not have supply to give them if they need them during snack time.

Label your child's things to avoid lost and mixed items.

Let them carry small bags only, No wheelie bags please.

Gadgets are strictly not allowed in school. Keep them at home.

PE day is on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Hi! My name is Ms Marissa and I will be your child's teacher for this school year. I am from the Northern part of the Philippines where I finished my Bachelor's degree in Teacher Education. I taught different levels in the elementary for 5 years in my country and almost 7 years here in Qatar. My teaching partner is Ms Katty who is also a teacher for more than 10 years. We work as a team to cultivate your child's curiosity and encourage love of learning.

This will be a wonderful year full of learning and fun, not to mention, an incredible year of change! We are excited by the anticipation of the countless milestones we will reach as a class and those your child will reach as an individual.