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Ms Marissa and Ms Katty


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January 21-25

We will be celebrating International Week. Our children will be traveling to different countries represented by ECC classes. Hawaii is our chosen country and we will be needing these on THURSDAY (25th of January):

*different fruits to make a typical Hawaiian salad

*fruit tarts


Children will wear Hawaiian inspired clothes on Thursday.


Travel is our focus for the coming weeks beginning with the Seven Wonders of the World. We will be planning and answering questions like :What are the benefits of traveling. Where do we want to go? What important things we need while traveling. How are we going there? Why do we want to go there? The big idea will expand through discussions, stories and sharing experiences. Transportation, different cultures and traditions will also be discussed. International week will be on the 21st of January and our class will represent Hawaii.

We will continue using numerous strategies to develop phonemic awareness. We will also continue number formation and number values. Students will continue to draw stories and label them with beginning sounds.

Important Events

  • 15 January 2018 - Trip to Civil Defense - Pearl (Eagles and Hummingbirds)
  • 21-25 January 2018 - International Week
  • 11th February - KG Sports Day
  • 13th February - National Sports Day
  • 18-19 February - 100th Day Celebration
  • 22nd February - Critical Thinkers Day ( Class Assembly Eagles and Hummingbirds)
  • 21st March - KG Mother's Day Celebration
  • 25th - 29th March - Book Week
  • 29th March- Effective Communicators Day

It was a successful parade for all KG2 classes. We thank you for your support and we did enjoy the food you shared.

Nov 26-30

This week, we will be learning about animal habitats.

Our children enjoyed sharing their toy animals during show and tell and were curious how they can make secondary colors.

Effective Communicators respect their fellow communicators through listening and sharing their ideas.

Nov 19-23

This week, we will learn about pets and different animals. We will also learn how to make secondary colors.

Time for patterns and play!

Our class focused on fine motor skills to prepare our eyes, hands and fingers for more challenging activities.

Show and tell time! Our wonderful sharers showed their favorite things to the class with joy and confidence!

Independent Learner's day was a big hit as everyone in our class were dressed up!

We have been learning about shapes. We cut, built, drew and painted a house out of them. We also talked about the parts of the house and why it is important for us to live in a house with our family.

Links to songs we sing:

Learning letter Tt, Math, Picnic and trip

Living things and non-living things links

Ordinal numbers

Helping each other to build Mr. Shape!

What's gonna work? TEAMWORK!

We follow an Exploratory Curriculum with learning through play and discovery. Our subjects are integrated and language enriched. Different letter sounds and numbers will be taught everyday. We teach in modern ways to make learning more meaningful and fun.


Planting our own seeds! Oh how exciting to see them grow!

Practice your alphabet and numbers with these videos:

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