KG2 Eagles

Ms Marissa and Ms Katty

contact: or call +974 4488 3806 to book an appointment

20th September is T-shirt Day

Please send with your child a WHITE colour plain t-shirt by 20th September. The children will decorate the t-shirt with permanent markers so please make sure the t-shirt is plain and it is ok to write on. Then children will wear the t-shirt in class for Math Activities. We are going to keep the t-shirt in the classroom so we can use it from time to time and it will also be used for Sports Day in February.

On the 20th September,students will come to school with normal school uniform

Our focus these coming weeks is about family. In a family, each child is nurtured, respected, and grows up to care for others and develop strong and healthy relationships. Social and emotional plays a big role in building relationships. Stories and center activities will revolve around this big idea.

Please send your family picture before September 17,Monday through email for our lesson. Thank you!

ESLR Awardees for the week September 9-13

Ethical Individual award goes to...

Jaidah Elkeleni

Jawaher Al Ajmi


Classes start at 7 am and ends at 12 pm. Please be on time as we record tardiness at 7:10 and late pick ups.

We encourage healthy foods. NO CHOCOLATES, CHIPS and NUTS allowed. Bring extra water in a reusable bottle. No plastic water bottles please.

Label your child's things to avoid lost and mixed items.

Gadgets are strictly not allowed in school. Keep them at home.

Toys or favorite things will be asked by the teacher for show and tell purposes only. Please wait for the announcement.

PE day is on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Hi! My name is Ms Marissa and I will be your child's teacher for this school year. I am from the Northern part of the Philippines where I finished my Bachelor's degree in Teacher Education. I taught different levels in the elementary for 5 years in my country and almost 7 years here in Qatar. My teaching partner is Ms Katty who is also a teacher for more than 10 years. We work as a team to cultivate your child's curiosity and encourage love of learning.

This will be a wonderful year full of learning and fun, not to mention, an incredible year of change! We are excited by the anticipation of the countless milestones we will reach as a class and those your child will reach as an individual.