KG2 Falcons

Ms. Renee


Ms. Jonna

Greetings! Welcome to KG2 Falcons class page. I am Renee Koval class teacher from America. I have been teaching internationally for almost 10 years. I have taught in Prague, Czech Republic; Seoul, South Korea; Moscow, Russia, and I am on my fourth year at EMS. Ms. Jonna my teaching partner is from the Philippines and has been working at EMS for 7 years. Together, we are a creative team that is committed to creating a loving and safe learning environment.

Please click on the camera icon to see pictures from Falcon Class.

Pictures have been updated with pictures from Civil Defense Field Trip


***Please Label all belongings, especially sweatshirts that come to school. ***

Upcoming Important Dates

  • December 21- January 2 (return to school on Jan. 3) No School- Winter Break
  • Thursday, January 11, 2018 Dynamic Achiever Dress up day
  • Tuesday, January 16, 2018 Field Trip to Civil Defense
  • January 21-25, 2018, International Week- the class has voted on China for our country.
  • January 26- February 3, 2018 Midterm Break (No School)
  • Sunday, February 11th School Sports Day
  • Tuesday, February 13, 2018 National Sports Day (No School)

International Week Jan. 21-25, 2018

What an exciting week we have planned in Falcon Class. A few weeks ago the students chose China as the country to explore and learn fun things about. Last week, we had a great class discussion about what the students know about China, they had a great understanding that they speak a different language and have different kinds of writing. We also had a discussion about the questions the students had about China. I am so proud of how interested and all of the questions they have. We will spend the week trying to answer those questions.

Schedule of Special Activities for the Week:

Wednesday 24th- we will have a Chinese tea party/ ceremony (please send a small tea glass and/or some tea and sugar, or biscuits with your child)

Thursday 25th- Dress up (Chinese attire if possible), Dragon parade, and yummy food ( No NUTS!!!) (please send some food to share with the class, it doesn't have to be Chinese).

Weeks of January 7-18, 2018

Important Information:

  • Thursday, Jan. 11th is Dynamic Achiever Dress Up Day
  • Please return the field trip permission slip for our trip to the Civil Defense on Tuesday, Jan. 16.
  • Please return the student intent form to secure your child's spot for next year.
  • Please make sure your child is wearing approved uniform attire and sweaters, also, please be sure to label your child's sweaters with name and class name.

January 7-11

With the new year we have begun a new Big Idea. We are now discussing the concept of How the World Works. This week we are using to help understand what prior knowledge your child has about this idea to help us move forward with what we will learn and the projects we will do. During our class discussion about this week the questions posed are : What is the World? What is in my world? What does my world look like? I have included a picture of the class response and ideas from the first two questions (at the bottom). I was very proud of our class for their understanding and ideas contributed to our discussion. All students offered wonderful thoughts and ideas especially when it comes to what is in my world. We are also working on ABAB patterns and being able to describe what the world looks like.

January 14-18

To help us lead into International Week we will be using the book How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World (please see the picture below) to help us understand about different ways to travel and to talk about what different countries offer. We will discuss how we can explore and travel the world, what places do we know around the world, and the 7 wonders of the world. Of course on Thursday we will be making pies and I ask parents to contribute pie pans,apples, butter, sugar, and eggs. Please let me know what you can bring to help us.

National Day Pictures of Falcon Class

We had such a fun day celebrating Qatar. We had a parade around the field with all of the other KG2 classes. We had dhow boats, pearls, jelly fish, crabs, whales, and pearl divers parade around the field to help understand the story and history of Qatar. We went outside and raced imaginary camels, and had a part time pearl diver come to show us some fresh oysters and to open them, we luckily found 1 pearl. Please click on the camera image to the right to see our pictures.

Dear KG2 Falcon Parents:

Welcome to KG2 Falcons! There is an exciting year awaiting, designed to promote and enhance your child’s growth and development. This very important year promises to be one filled with discovery and joy as your child works and plays in an environment that is warm, safe and challenging.

The structure of daily activities is carefully planned to encourage independence, self confidence and group cooperation through large group, small group and one-on-one participation in a variety of hands-on, interactive experiences. The activities will incorporate instruction and skill reinforcement in reading readiness, mathematics, writing, science and social studies, art, fine and gross motor skills, social/emotional skills and language development.

This year the students will be learning through inquiry and play based learning practices. This means that the students have more of a hands on role in their education and are able to use their knowledge to ask questions. We are placing student questions and ideas at the center of the learning process. Students are encouraged to ask questions and then investigate their own queries about the world. In this process we will also be cooking frequently and I will be asking for help from parents with supplies to cook.

I am so looking forward to our working together to make this a most successful school year! Please feel free to contact me at school or by email, should you have any questions and/or concerns regarding your child.

Very Sincerely,

Renee Koval class teacher

Jonna Francisco teaching partner

Important Reminders

We are a nut free school! And we are especially a nut free class, as we do have a student with nut allergies. Please do not send anything with nuts or peanut butter as well.

PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING THAT COMES TO SCHOOL , if you need a marker I have one in class. (This includes, water bottles, backpacks, snack bags, food containers, sweaters)

•Please send healthy snacks (please no oreos, chips, or sweets), also please be sure to send spoons and forks

•Please send food containers that your child is able to open themselves. You can help them practice at home.

•Please send plenty of water each day as it is very hot.

•Please send extra clothes in your child’s bag in case of emergency.

•P.E. is on Sunday and Wednesday

•Arabic is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (everyday except Wednesday)

Class starts at 7 am and pick up is 12 noon! Please be on time for drop off and pick up.

KG2 Falcons Weekly Schedule.docx