KG2 Falcons

Ms. Renee


Ms. Jonna

Please click on the camera icon to see pictures from Falcon Class.

Pictures have been updated with pictures from Civil Defense Field Trip and International Week Activities, Sports Day, Baladna Field Trip, and 100 Days of School.

End of Year Information

Dear Parents,

Happy Holidays!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for a wonderful year and to say how much we will miss your children. We had a great year of fun, creativity and learning and we are so happy to have had your children in our class. We can’t wait to see them continuing to grow and progress next year!

Following our summer program over the summer will help prepare your child for Year 1. Keep reading to your child daily, in order to develop vocabulary, 15 minutes a day will help them greatly. Keep speaking in English as much as possible and continue to encourage your child to draw something they enjoyed from days out and stories you read. By asking them to label their drawings with the beginning sounds and some simple CVC words would greatly prepare them for their transition into Year 1. Continue reviewing numbers, counting forward and back and looking at ordinal numbers and shapes both 2d and 3d.

Kindly click here or on the summer calendar icon on the right to find fun activities to keep your child learning and engaged over the holidays. Click here or on the Arabic icon on the right for the Arabic activities.

I hope you have a fantastic summer and thank you again for all your support and cooperation.

Kind Regards,

Renee Koval and Jonna Francisco