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Coming Up Events

28th October - Safety Week

11th-15th November - Movember Health Week

13th November - Math Morning: Parents are invited to come to our classes from 7:15 - 8:00 AM

15th November - Pink Day: Students can wear pink clothes on this day.

20th November - Photo Day

21st - 22nd November - 3 Way Conferences

28th November - Owls and Falcons Trip to Al Sulaiteen Farm

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If you wish to contact me: Email - saja.sooud@emsdoha.net or call +974 4488 3806 to book an appointment

2nd ESLRs

Parents Teachers Conference

Parents Teachers Conference is going to be held on 21st and 22nd November.

Please note there will be no school for students on the 22nd November.

If you wish to make an appointment please make sure you make the booking through the link been email to you from school. To meet with the Arabic, Islamic and PE Teachers please book an appointment on the same system by selecting the teacher's name,


For week beginning 18th November 2018

During this week we are going to focus on 10 frame and grouping by 10. Students are going to firstly understand the concept building a ten frame and the way to fill in the 10 frame. We have our photo day on the 20th November so please make sure all of our students present at school and in complete uniform. For our school trip which is on the 28th November and we need some mums to help us supervise our students. If you wish to join us please send me an email and I have a limit of 5 parents so first in first serve. For literacy, we are going to begin to blend letters to form phonetically spelled words to label their drawings. I would like to focus on detailing drawings and using sensible colours as well.

For week beginning 11th November 2018

Firstly, thank you so much for your patience for the last two weeks and for being so supportive and considerate at the situation I was in. Now that I am back we are going to do the following during this week:

  • Catchup with Safety Week Activities
  • Revisit labeling, detailing and colouring a drawing
  • Introduce teen numbers
  • General letter and number formation

This week we are focusing on being healthy and active for a healthy lifestyle. To make the connections with real life experience, we are going to have a healthy breakfast on Thursday 15th Nov. Please see main KG2 page for details. Also on the same day we are celebrating Pink Day for Cancer Awareness, so please dress the children in pink on Thursday. See details on the KG2 main page.

I hope I will be able to see most your parents during our Math Morning coming up this Tuesday 13th November 2018 from 7:15am to 8:00 am. Details are on the KG2 main page.

For week beginning 14th October 2018

During this week we are going to continue working on the several ways we communicate with each other. Thank you so much for those parents who made the time to come to class and show us how we can communicate with other people around the world. It was nice to meet your family memebers.

For literacy we are continuing to learn letter sounds and formation, as well as name writing and labeling. Speak to your child to discuss what we are learning in the class. We are going to discover the difference between letters, words and numbers and do a visualization activity as well, to get the children's imagination to the maximum level we could take it through hearing different sounds. For numeracy, we are still focusing on number value and formation.

We would like to end this week with pizza, as the children going to make their own. So please we need the following by Wednesday:

  • Pizza Sauce
  • Mozerolla Cheese
  • Olives
  • Bread

Please visit our album to see what the children are being up to.

For week beginning 7th October 2018

Dear Parents

I hope this finds you and your family well and that you have enjoyed the weekend. This week the children will be discussing technology and the ways we communicate. We are going to invite you to come to class to call a family member in another country. During this call the person on the other side will introduce him/herself to the students and to tell them how they are related to your child in our class, eg. uncle, auntie, grandmother, grandfather or a cousin. This conversation should only take 6 minutes with the boys group and 6 minutes with the girls group as we are going to divide the class. The aim of the project is to explain to the children the following:

  1. We can communicate with others around the world using technology
  2. We are all living together even if we are far
  3. Different ways to make a conversation with people even if we don't see them.

If you wish to participate please click here to book your time.

We are going to continue working with numbers as of last week including formation and number value. This also includes letter sounds and letter formation.

This Thursday 11th we are going to have tomato and cheese toasted sandwiches and jam and toast. So can you please send bread cheese, tomato and jam (small tiny jars please) by Wednesday. We also need battery operated flashlight which we are going to use during this week which we are going to return. Please make sure it comes with its batteries.

Thank you

For week beginning 30th September 2018

Please accept my apology for the lateness but have been extremely busy. This week we have been learning and will continue to learn the sounds of the letters, develop some fine and gross motor skills through various hands on and exploratory activities. The children have been discussing ways we can communicate with other people around the world with the help of technology, and some have also mentioned how we can help and care for each other around the world. We have been doing Weekend News Sharing on Sundays to the whole class and then the students will draw what they have done on the weekend in their children. We have started labeling our drawing with initial sounds to improve our letter sound recognition and letter formation. As we have been integrating numeracy with our big idea, the children have been and will continue learning about numbers 0-10 counting, value and formation, and for our children whom have 0-10 knowledge will be extended to teen number.

As part of our behaviour management program Second Step, the children have learned on how to focus their attention, and do self talk. Please encourage the children in doing self talk at home which will help regulate behaviour and increase focusing.

For week beginning 23rd September 2018

Firstly thank you so much for all the red t-shirts we received on Thursday, the children had fun decorating. Photos will be uploaded today.

During this week we are going to focus on members of the family and ways we communicate with our members of the family involving technology. The students will be asked about way we communicate and their responses will be recorded. We are also going to introduce counting, number value and formation depending on the students level. Students are going to start learning to recognize and form their names on three lines. We will use the sounds of the letters of the individual name to start with letter sounds. Please use this link to expose students at home with letter sounds. For letter formation please refer to the first page only in this document to know the language we use in forming letters.

If you could please send empty toilet rolls as we need them for a project as mentioned in the email sent on Sunday. Even if you have empty aluminum or cling wrap rolls we can also use them in our project.

Welcome parents to KG2 Owls class, my name is Ms. Saja Sooud and I come from Australia, I will be your child's class teacher for this and I can tell you how excited I am to have your children in my class. I have been teaching here in EMS for five years. I am a mother of three beautiful children one boy and two girls and you might see them around in the morning as they go to school here in EMS. I have been teaching in Doha for 11 years and I also taught in Australia for 4 years. Please do not hesitate to speak to me in regard to any issues or concerns or even to send me an email. I am sure this year is going to be a fantastic year for all of us. Please keep checking our KG2 home page and our KG2 Owls page very regularly as I post important information and some photos and videos of the children learning during the day.

Our classroom Teaching Assistant is Ms. Jonna, who has been in EMS for nine years. We are both here to support your child and to support you. Ms. Jonna and I support the school policy of healthy snacks. So please do not send nutella sandwiches, chips, chocolates or fizzy drinks.If you need ideas for a perfect school snack on the image across for ideas.

Things we need.....

Please send a labeled change of clothes and handed to Ms. Jonna or myself.

Our school has a nuts free policy No nuts or peanut butter sandwiches please