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  • April 5th to 10th May: Alphabet Days - Please follow the letter days as mentioned in the document (Link below)
  • 22nd to 25th April: Science Week
  • 22nd April: World Earth Day
  • 25th April: Secretary Appreciation Day

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For week beginning 22nd -26th April

During last week the Falcons and the Owls discussed our new big idea "What can I do?" after our discussion the children came up with four different groups which are Art, Food, Science (most popular) and Engineering. This week Ms. Renee, Ms. Jonna, Ms. Naida and myself will setup different areas for the children to do their work in the areas they decided to have so the children will start discovering themselves and the things they can do. We are going to integrate math topics that I mentioned last week.

We have started our Science Week today with Science Experiments starting with the letter M and we will continue doing experiments using the letter of the day from the Alphabet Day List. Please send chocolate Oreo as the children are going to be learning the phases of the moon through Oreo on Thursday.

I have started something new in my class from last week. The children are borrowing a book everyday to read to you at home and they must return it to school the next day, otherwise please send me an email to let me know. Please look after the books as they are school properties and we are teaching the children how to "respect books". Even if you see your children is not yet ready for reading, please read with him/her as it is motivating, exciting, learning, and establishing reading skills. The children will bring the books in the morning and place in the return box. So please ask your child about the book from Ms. Saja English everyday!!!!!!!!

Keep your eyes on the Photo Album above for pictures.

For Week beginning 15th - 20th April.

This week we are concluding our term 2 big idea with a project that you are going to help your child research it at home and bring their findings to school. The name of the project is "I can eat a whole plant". The children need to look for food which they eat that is a seed, stem, root, leaf and flower. Bring samples to the class that they can share with the rest of the classmates and describe what each part of the plant taste like. This project is going to lead us into our term 3 big idea which is "What can I do?" We are going to discuss the big idea and discover what we can do, then we re going to plan according to where the children are to lead us.

Our Math focus topics for this term are:

1. Exposure to 3D shapes - This is just general discussion

2. Positional Words

3. Exploring measurement using non standard units

4. Making estimates.

On Thursday 19th April, is Lemonade Day so please send lemon and sugar for the children to make their own lemonade.

Happy Father's Day

Wishing all the dads a happy, joyful and loving day

The children today created their gifts to you dad! I hope you like them.

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Alphabet Days are starting from 28th March. Please click on this link to view the alphabet list and the description and requirements for the specific activities for the letter of the day.

For week beginning 8th to 12th April

Welcome back, and I hope you all have enjoyed the break. This is our final term for the year, I must say this year is going fast, we are startuing a new big idea theme which is "What can I do?". You can read the Term 3 Information Letter on the KG2 main page.

During this week we are going to continue with the Alphabet Days Activities, you might like to revise the letter sound and formation for each letter day by day, it will help the children review the letters we have already taken by sound and formation. We are also going to continue and wrap up our Fairytale theme, and the activities for Thumbelina, such as writing different endings to the story, try to find rhyming words, write our own stories with different characters from Fairytales stories and rhymes.

Regarding Father's Day, the children are going to prepare a gift and a little song that we are going to upload on Wednesday for the dads to see and the children will give the gift to dad at home. So we are not going to invite fathers in the class.

For week beginning 25th to 29th March

Firstly allow me to thank you all the mums for coming to our special Mother's Day Celebration. The celebration was beautiful with your presences the children's voices singing to you in a way to show you how much they appreciate you. Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts, it is very thoughtful and kind of you.

During the week, we are going to be foxing on Fairy Tales, as we are celebrating Book Week, our class is representing Thumbelina, so we are going to have literacy and numeracy activities related to Thumbelina. We are also going to visit other KG2 classes to hear their fairy tale stories.

You are welcome to read a fairy tale story or a story from your childhood to the class during this week,just send me an email with the time and day that most suitable for you and I will confirm back with you.

Please remember, we have our assembly on the 29th in the cafeteria, so you (KG2 Owls) parents are invited. The assembly start at 7:30am. Please visit the Assembly Plan (link below) to view the requirements

Alphabet days are starting on Wednesday 28th March so please read the guidelines and follow them through. Wednesday, everyone needs to being an apply and on Thursday everyone will need to bring Bubble mixture.

Click on the picture to hear the Thumbelina song

For week beginning 18th to 21st March

During this week we are going to be busy preparing for Mother's Day. We are going to discuss our trip to Al Sulaiteen Nursery and looking at our thinking tree which is full of questions that needs to be answered, maybe we might have seen something on the trip which might answer one of our questions.

Please note: 22nd March will be no school for the children, we are having Parent Teacher Conference. You can make a booking to meet with me from the link above.

Thank you so much to all the mums who have come along with us to Al Sulaiteen Nursery and to Baladna Park, your help is very much appreciated.

For week beginning 8th to 12th March 2018 -

Assembly Preparation

This week in Falcon Class and Owls Class, we have begun to focus on nursery rhymes. We have book week coming soon and our assembly on March 29th. For the assembly we will be doing a lovely performance of 5 nursery rhymes (Wee Willy Winky, Jack and Jill, Little Miss Muffet, Humpty Dumpty, and Old Mother Hubbard) and a mixed up nursery rhyme book (The Enormous Watermelon).Each child will have a part in the production on Thursday, I will be sending home a piece of paper that has your child's part to memorize. We will work on it at school, but please work on it with them at home too. Some students will be actors and some will be the crew (they will be saying the nursery rhymes for the actors). Here is a copy of the plan with the nursery rhymes if you need to find them. All nursery rhymes are beneficial for students and it is encouraged to practice all the nursery rhymes (not just those that your child's part is in). Click here to see the Assembly Plan. Using the story book Thumbelina we are going to look at the different parts of a plant (flower) and planting.

We are going on our trip to Al Sulaiteen Nursery on Monday 12th March. Please make sure you have pack plenty of water, a hat labelled with your child's name enough food. The children must wear PE uniform on the day of the trip.

For week beginning 4th March 2018

Firstly please accept my apology for the late post. This month is an extremely busy month for all of us here at school, we have a lot of important events as you can see above. During the upcoming weeks we are going to be looking at different fairytale stories in preparation for Book Week and our Assembly. As we are going to be exploring all sort of different fairy tale stories, the Owls are going to mainly focus on Thumbelina. Our numeracy and literacy focus will be derived from the story.

Please also note that on Thursday 22nd March, children will not attend school due to the Parent -Teacher Conference. We want to give more parents the opportunity and the time to be able to meet with the teacher.

For week beginning 25th February 2018

During this week we are going to continue working on developing critical thinking questions and to start on developing research skills such as exploration and discovery. The children came up with questions last week and today we have started to think about how we can find out the answers to the questions and here what the children came up with.

Human Project Group: Zaher, Youssef, Zahi, Ali, Andrw, Renad, Fatima and Sara

Animals Project Group: Georges, Hamza, Karly, Rana, Maryam, Lana and Amna

Plants Project Group: Kevin, Abdullah, Khadija, Dalia, Hajna, Zaid and Yahya

So if the children talk speak to you

For week beginning 18th - 22nd February 2018

Firstly I would like to apologize for publishing this today (Tuesday) we have been extremely busy with the prepartoion for the 100th Day celebration. Can you believe it, the children have been at school for 100 days, it was very fast.

This week we are focusing on the 100th Day celebration which it includes learning the concept of 1:1 counting, estimating and graphing. For literacy we are focusing on letter sounds and blending. We have been looking at critical thinking and questioning. We would like to have the children be able to generate questions from provocations they have seen.

Dress Up this Thursday as Critical Thinkers please

Thank you so much to all the mums who have come to join us on the Baladna Park trip. A special Thank you to Zaher's mum for accepting to join us with very short notice. You all were great help to all the children and your time is very much appreciated. The trip was an absolute success -Visit our album for the photos.

100th Day Celebration Week 18th to 22nd February

Dear Parents,

WOW 100 Day of School is finally here. We are celebrating the marking of the 100th day of school during this week. So please send any of the mentioned items to your class teacher on Sunday 18th so the students can utilise the items for in class activities.Thank you so much for your continued support.

Below is the list of items.

February 13th

Let this day be a family active day where you all go out and enjoy an active healthy day. Play outdoor physical games, ride bicycles and enjoy the lovely sun and the cool breeze.

Click on any of the links below for Outdoor Physical Activities for kids and parents.

  1. Link No. 1
  2. Link No.2
  3. Link No.3

KG2 Sports Day 11th February 2018

KG2 Owls will represent Purple. So please on Sunday 11th February, make sure the children are wearing school sports pants and purple t-shirt with appropriate sports shoes. Football shoes are not allowed.

For week beginning 4th February 2018

Welcome back everyone, and hope you all have had a restful week. Thank you so much to all the parents especially Ms. Noha, (Rana's mother) for being so supportive to the classroom in providing what ever we ask for, she truly goes out of her way in making sure our class gets what ever we ask during International Week and in many other occasions . Thank you for your constant support. It is really nice to see parents involvement and support in our classroom, this brings joy to our students and it certainly supports me as a teacher in providing the best learning opportunities which connects to real life experiences for our students. I hope to see more parents support during this term.

During this week we are going to wrap up our learning about India and reviewing skills that we have previously learned such as letter formation and number formation.

On Sunday the children decided they would like to make jam sandwiches and and squeeze orange juice. So if you can please send with your child oranges to squeeze, jam and bread. We are going to be making them on Wednesday.

If you have extra large jars with lids and baskets of all sorts of sizes please donate them to our classroom. we need them.

For week beginning 21st January 2018

This week we are celebrating International Week and our class is representing India. During the week the children will be learning about Indian culture, food, art, music, dance, language, schools, agriculture, animals, famous landmarks, India on the map, customs and many more other information. On Wednesday I am going to cook white rice and Indian dahl on banana leaves, and the children will also be dressed up in Indian costumes if possible, you can find Indian costumes in Lulu. On Thursday everyone is going to bring some food to class to share. You can bring your own food or Indian food and to dress up in Indian costume or your own national costumes.

For week beginning 14th January 2018

Let me please start this with thanking the parents for their involvement in bringing a pet to the classroom and giving a short talk about it. The children enjoyed learning new information about what pets need to stay alive and how to care for them.

During Sunday and Monday we are going to continue with our math topic of numbers and our big idea of pets. Tuesday will be our trip day to Civil Defense and the rest of the week we are going to creatively and critically think about our world, what we have in our world and what is our world?

For week beginning 7th January 2018

We are ..........

Discussing animals in our countries and which animals can possibly be pets. We are going to sort animals into pets and not pets and why we cannot have animals that are not pets. If you have a friendly manageable pet at home, a parent can bring the pet to class as show and tell. Please send me an email and let me know when you can come and what pet it is. I will reply to you with a confirmation, if you do not let me know and come to school with the pet, security officers will not let you in with the pet. Please do not send the pet with your child under any circumstances. If your child is allergic to pets please let me know urgently and as soon as possible. You can also take a video of your child taking care of the pet as in feeding, washing, loving and the place where the pet is kept. This is going to be shared in the class only and it is optional. Through discovery and exploration, we are going to learn to count, form and know the number value along with ordinal numbers from 1st to 5th.

Thank you

For week beginning 3rd January 2018

Dear Parents

Welcome back, and happy new year, I hope 2018 will bring us all good fortune, health and make all our dreams come true. During the remainder of this week, we are going to revisit sounds, numbers, shapes and patterns. Revisiting the continents and oceans on our planets. If you have pictures of famous land marks, food, national dress or any pictures related to your country please send them with your child to tell us all about your country to the rest of the class. The pictures can small (like quarter of an A4 size or a little smaller) as the children will use them in an activity in the classroom.

Please don't forget school finishes at 12 noon sharp, make sure healthy snacks are sent to school, complete uniform, and please don't forget to label your child's jacket if you haven't done so.

For week beginning 10th December 2017

During this week, it will be mostly getting ready for the National Day celebrations and to continue with numbers up to 10. During last week we did not have enough time to discuss the big idea where we come from (country and continent) we will be discussing the topic but focusing on Qatar through a story Victory Over Abu Derya. The story will be simplified to suit our children's level.

Project: Please create a project of your choice in representing Qatar. Our Arabic Department is going to have an Expedition for Qatar National Day. Please submit the project by Wednesday 13th December 2017.

Below is a message from all the KG2 Teachers regarding the National Day Celebration

National Day Celebration Thursday, Dec. 14th

We will celebrate National Day with a project done in all of KG2. For this special day we will use a simplified version of the story Victory Over Abu Derya (a book given to us by the MIA). Some students will be pearl divers, traditional women, jellyfish, pearls, crabs, and a whale. All of these correlate to our story. On Thursday, please send your child in either pearl diver attire or Qatari traditional dress for boys or girls. We need umbrellas to make jellyfish, rope for the divers, and dates to eat. We will participate in a parade around school in our costumes and have a special picnic. For the picnic please send in traditional or our child's favorite food to share. Thank you for all of your continued support!

KG2 Team

For week beginning 3rd of December 2017

Firstly thank you so much for the support and cooperation that you all are providing the children and myself in many ways. Goldilocks was marvelouse the children loved it. When we retuned to class from the gym, the children were discussing the play, hearing them use the vocabulary they heard was music to my ears, this tell me that the childern in my class have started to comperhend. I am so proud of them.

During this week we are busy preparing for the assembly on the 7th December which you are invited to. Please dont forget the children would love to see you all. We are also preparing for the Qatar National Day Celebrations, so please if you have decorations that we can use in the class it will be great.

On the 14th December we are going to be celebrating National Day, the children should be dressed in Qatar National clothes, we are going to have activities related to Qatar at school. If you could please contribute small Qatari sweets and food to be shared in our class. I would like to see everyone to celebrate and participate in this special event. The value of this country is huge to all of us who live on this pure land of peace, love, respect, honor, commitment freedom and unity.

For the academic side of the week, we are celebrating Hour of Code Week. The children are going to learn what is coding and how to code using technology as well as through story grids. We are going to focus on the following stories:

  • We're going on a bear hunt
  • Gruffalo
  • The very hungry caterpillar
  • Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see

We are going to continue working on numbers up to 10, formation and value. The children will also be introduced to estimating the number of objects. The class is doing well with phonic sounds so far and letter formation so please keep practicing with the children (practice makes perfect). Big idea discussion will be about where we are from, what country we come from and which continent we belong to.

For week beginning 26th November 2017.

Please allow me to start this message this week with thanking all the parents for their support and cooperation that are constantly provided to the children and the class, without your support I will not be able to move forward with the children. As they say, "You cant clap with one hand".

This week is a very busy week for us, we are going to have Scientists visiting our class to teach us how to make slime, we are also getting ready for our assembly, so please keep practicing and memorizing the lines and the video I shared with you last week. I had an idea to help with the line memorization and confidence as I have a lot of shy children in my class, let the children practicing saying the line while they are looking at themselves in teh mirror, that might boost their confidence to speak in public and see how beautiful they are saying the line.

We are going to discuss this week part of the house, such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and so on. So please if you can send and empty tissue box or something similar to a tissue box by Wednesday it will be great. We are going to explore numbers from 1-5 by counting, writing and knowing the value of numbers from 1-5. So you can start with helping your children forming numbers at home using the green book if you like. Since we are exploring rhyming words, this video could help with forming numbers. I am also going to integrate some positional words,such as in, on, under and in between.

For phonics, we are learning all the letters that appear in context so please keep practicing the letter sounds and the letter formation. I must say we already have children blending and labeling their drawings using letter sounds. I am so proud of them.

I would like to also ask the parents of our KG2 Owls girls to make them wear short under their skirts or dresses to cover their underwear to make the girls more comfortable and less worried about covering themselves while sitting or playing.

Thank you so much to all the mums who have volunteered to help us on the school trip to MIA Library and Park. We have completed all the placements.

For week beginning 19th November 2017

During last week e discussed family and the people we live with such as the members of the house hold and the extended family. We discussed why we have two grandmothers and two grandfathers and counted how many cousins we have and siblings.

During this week we are going to discusses the places we live in, such as house, apartment, villa and so forth. If you can please take a picture of your house from the outside, print it and send it with your child to school during the week as we are going to use the pictures of activities. You can take several pictures of other houses, towers, villas around it as well. We are going to integrate sorting things according to a given category. This can be done through size, colour, texture, appearance, number and any other categories. Just an idea for home, you might want to give your child cutlery to sort and ask your child how are you going to sort these? For phonics learning letters as they come in context so please if you are practicing letter sounds and formation, please practice what ever letter you know your child is weak at. For letter formation you can print the this document and practice letter formation as this is what we are using in the class.

Thank you so much to the parents who are constantly providing what ever we ask for to be able to have the Fun Thursday Activities. I am hoping to get other parents to also contribute to make fair for everyone.

I would like to also ask the parents of our KG2 Owls girls to make them wear short under their skirts or dresses to cover their underwear to make the girls more comfortable and less worried about covering themselves while sitting or playing.

Finally, I am so thankful to all the wonderful parents that I have for my class who are constantly supportive and cooperative at all times. I can never ask for more.

For week beginning 5th November 2017

This week we are focusing on how we are the same and how we are different through a story called The Colors of us by Karen Katz. We will compare hair colour,skin colour and eye colour. Using the ideas and pictures from the book we are going to explore the different size hands that we have in the classroom and develop the language of big, small and medium and we might touch on patterns. For phonics we are going to explore and discover all the letter sounds and letter formation. Please play the videos below for the children to help them with the letter sounds and the letter formation.

We are going to make french toast and Hot warm chocolate.

Can I please ask the parents to please send the following to school before Thursday:

  • Brown Coconut whole not cut
  • a bag of butterscotch
  • Honey
  • Mini chocolate brown cupcakes
  • Drinking Cocoa (for Hot chocolate)
  • Bread
  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Cinnamon Powder

We are also looking for empty soap bottle so if you have an empty one please send it to school.

Please fill in the Picture Order Form sent to you by email from the school with the correct amount of money and hand it over to myself as soon as possible.

For those parents who have not yet signed the Student Handbook Acknowledgment form on page 7, please do so as soon as possible and hand over the page to myself.

Empty Soap Bottles

For week beginning 29th October 2017

During this week we are going to continue to focus on All about me. This week will be a revision of what we have been learning so far. We will review all the letter sounds, shapes and oral sentences of describing all about me. I am..... I can... and I like.....Name writing and fine motor skills will also be implemented in the classroom.

Please note that this week is a short week, there will be no school on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd of November 2017. The school uniform shop is now stocked with all sizes and garments. So please make sure that you follow our school uniform policy outlined in the student handbook.

Regarding snack, I noticed some children are bringing panda chocoloate and nutella sandwiches, donuts and other unhealthy food. The students in my class are aware of what is healthy and what is not, so when they see someone bringing unhealthy food they come and tell me and sometimes it causes an embarrassement to the student with the unhealthy food. So please lets provide our children with healthy food to teacvh them to live a healthy life style. You can find ideas at the bottom of the page on the right hand side.

Thank you so much for your patience and mostly for your endless support and cooperation.

For week beginning 22nd October 2017

This week we are going to be looking at All about me as our big idea. We will explore what we know about ourselves and produce sentences orally I am...... I can....... I like......... We will be exploring differnt stories to build the vocabulary around our big idea. We will continue exploring shapes and their properties and students are going to be exposed to drawing different shapes with guided materials.

For phonics and literacy, we are going to revise the letter sounds Ss, Mm and introducing letter Pp sound. We are going to discuss and practice book handling and understanding the different parts of the book. Eg. cover, back, spine, how to open the book from left to right, how to handle a book respectfully. Students have also started with labeling their drawings and we will continue to work on labeling drawing to get the letter sounds build up along with the vowels you can watch this video to show how we label drawings. Some students in my class are able to label with more than one sound and some can only label with initial sound, both cases are ok. Students have been exposed to the word me, and this week I will expose them to I, like and can, students just need to recognize the word if they can. Students are still working on name writing and the use of 3 lines for letter formation.

Today the children voted for their fun Thursday activity between making pizza, pancake or popcorn. The winner was popcorn. So if you have a popcorn machine that we can use on Thursday please lend it to us to use and I will send it back home on Thursday afternoon. I would like the children see how the popcorn pop.

I can see some students have improved with letter formation, I think some of the parents are working with their children. Thank yo so much for your time, but please remember 30 - 40 minutes maximum because the children already do a lot of work in the classroom.

For week beginning 15th October 2017

This week we are celebrating Safety week, we are going to be looking about safety in all aspects including safety at home, fire saftey, water safety bicycle safety. We are also going to be learning to memeorise father's phone number and practice calling the emergency line 999. The children are goiing to role play emergecny situations and they are going to practice calling the emergency line and know what to say.

The letter focus of this week will be Ss for safety and the students will be also exposed to vocabulary containing the letter Ss. Along with the sound we are going to practice forming the upper and lower case of the letter Ss. Please remember that we are focusing on the letter sound not the letter name. I am going to revisit the letter Mm from last week as to help those students still need help with forming the letter and identifying the sound. We are going to keep referring to the vowel sounds to help the students hear the different sound of a consonant letter with a vowel.

Shapes will still be our Math topic this week as we were unable to accomplish all the teaching lessons with the students last week. Students will review the learned shapes in KG1 such as circle, square, rectangle, triangle, diamond, heart, star and crescent. Then students will learn to describe the shapes by using shape songs and name the different lines in a shape. You can view the shapes poems that the students are going to learn in class.

Please note in regard to the green books were sent home on Thursday, they are for your practice at home, they are just extra copies that I had from last year I did not want to trash. You can use them if you want, I do not need to see them at all.

Websites that you may wish to use at home:

For week beginning 8th October 2017

What we're learning this week......

During this week we are going to discuss All About Me. I am statements such as I am happy, I am special, I am hungry and so on. We are going to be comparing skin color hair color hair and gender to make pictographs.

Students have completed the pre writing activities last week and so this week we are going to start with letter sounds. This week we are going to learn the letter Mm sound and explore vocabulary around the letter Mm. Along with the letter Mm sound I am introducing vowel sounds. I am repeating the vowel sounds but I will pick a different constant letter every week. Play this vowel song for the children and the Mm sound song.

For writing and forming letters we are using 3 lines method. You can view this video to help you understand how we teach the children to form letters. The children are going to start practicing writing their names, along with developing comfortable pencil grips.

As the children are familiar with the different types of lines, the students will be introduced to 2D shapes and they will begin to describe the shapes by using the names of the different types of lines.

For week beginning 1st October 2017

What we are learning this week...

We are going to be looking at different types of lines as an introductory to pre writing. For example forming and naming lines such as, zig-zag, straight, diagonal, hills, dashes, cloud and so on. It is very important for the students at this age to be able to name and form the different types of line to be able to form letters and numbers. You can read about writing readiness and get the idea of what we are trying to get the children to learn here. We are also going to be working on pencil grip in holding and controlling the pencil correctly. Cutting skills activities are also planned to ensure scissor handling and cutting safely to be able to have independent type of activities in the up coming months. The children require to review feelings and emotions and behavior routine as we still have few issues with behavior still. To do this we are going to emphasis on our 2nd Step program this week and have activities that deal with behavior correction and problem solving skills.

We are going to read the following books:

  • Lines that wiggles
  • When a line bends a shape begins
  • What is line?
  • The Line Up Book
  • Andrew Drew and Drew

The vocabulary covered:

  • Straight line
  • hills line
  • dots line
  • zig-zag line
  • dashes line
  • clouds line
  • castle line
  • loops lie
  • swirls lines

Fun Thursday:

  • We are going to make lines using coloured spaghetti and cook and eat spaghetti in red sauce.

24th Sept. 2017

What we are learning this week........

During this week we are going to continue learning about feelings in terms of the social emotional aspect of developing the student's understanding the importance of interacting with others and that we have feelings to consider while socialising with others. We are implementing our classroom and hygiene routine by washing hands, brushing our teeth correctly and building a healthy eating habit. We are also incorporating Fine Motor skills within our centre activities, such as cutting and handling the scissors, peeling, pencil and paint brush grip and hand and eye coordination.

We have read the following books:

  • How are you peeling?
  • Legs are not for kicking
  • Germs are not for sharing
  • Teeth are not for biting
  • Hands are not for hitting

The vocabulary covered:

  • Sad, happy, grumpy, excited, angry, silly, disappointed, mad, shy, scared, glad, worried, surprised.

Things we need:

  • On Thursday we are going to have Fun Thursday where we will have practice to peel, cut and make feeling faces with fruits and vegetables. So please send banana, orange, lemon, mandarine, fig, lettuce, parsley or mint, cabbage or any other fruits or vegetables. ( Do Not Cut or Peel the fruits and the vegetables, the children will do that in the class please)

Sending Toys to school

Dear Parents,

Please do not allow your children to bring toys to school during the week. The only day the children are allowed to bring something to school will be on Sundays for Show and Tell. The children can show their classmates the object they choose to bring and talk about it to the whole class. Thank you

Hello and welcome to KG2 Owls

My name is Ms. Saja Sooud and I come from Australia. I have been teaching here in EMS for three years and this is my fourth year. I am a mother of three beautiful children one boy and two girls and you might see them around in the morning as they go to school here in EMS. I have been teaching in Doha for 10 years and I also taught in Australia for 4 years. Please do not hesitate to speak to me in regard to any issues or concerns or even to send me an email. I am sure this year is going to be a fantastic year for all of us. Please keep checking our KG2 home page and our KG2 Owls page very regularly as I post important information and some photos and videos of the children learning during the day.

Our classroom Teaching Assistant is Ms. Naida, we have been together since I started teaching in EMS. We are both here to support your child and to support you. Ms. Naida and I support the school policy of healthy snacks. So please do not send nutella sandwiches, chips, chocolates or fizzy drinks.If you need ideas for a perfect school snack on the image across for ideas.

Our school has a nuts free policy - No nuts, peanut butter sandwiches please

Please take notes of the following things:

  • Please be on time, class starts at 7:00 am and pick up at 12:00 noon sharp. Don't be late to pick up your child, please think of how tired they must be by the afternoon. We don't want the children to hate school because they are tired of waiting for you to pick them up. So please do everything that you can to make sure your child is picked up at 12:00 noon.
  • Please send extra clothes labeled with your child's name
  • Please send an art apron for the children to use during painting with long sleeves. You can send dad's old shirt to use during painting if you like.
  • Please send enough water to last your child through out the day.
  • Children wear school PE uniform on PE days only.

I hope you will be able to work with me hand in hand to make this academic year a success for your child, yourself, EMS community and myself. I do believe that I cannot achieve the highest expectations without your help and support.

Lets let the fun begin!!!!!

Importance of School Uniform

An interview took place with our Superintendent Mr. JC with the Al Jazeera.

Contact Details:

Email: saja.sooud@emsdoha.net

Phone: +974 4488 3806

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