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Coming Up Events

11th September - Meet The Teacher Night from 5pm to 7pm

20th September - T-shirt Day

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If you wish to contact me: Email - saja.sooud@emsdoha.net or call +974 4488 3806 to book an appointment

For week beginning 16th September 2018

During this week, the Owls and Falcons will be focusing on pre-writing activities in integration with the story to which we have been reading in class "Goldilocks and the three Dinosaurs" such as types of lines, and the different ways we can form them. Recognising first names and attempting their first name. Introducing counting to family members as we are focusing on family members and the people we live with.

Please note some important information:

1. Don't forget to send the plain red t-shirt by Thursday 20th September.

2. Healthy Snacks please chocolate yogurts and marshmallows are not healthy. For ideas please scroll down.

3. Ms. Jonna and myself are trying to teach the children to tie their own shoe laces so please help us to do the same at home.

4. If you have an emergency and you are sending a relative, friend or not the usual driver or nanny, please send me an email to let me know, I will be be able to release your child until I have a confirmation from you.

20th September is T-shirt Day

Please send red plain t-shirt by 20th September. The children will decorate the t-shirt with permanent markers so please make sure the t-shirt is plain and that it is ok to write on. The children will wear the t-shirt in class for Math Activities. We are going to keep the t-shirt in the classroom so we can use it from time to time and it will also be used for Sports Day in February.

On the 20th Sept. The KG2 Students will come to school with normal school uniform

KG2 Owls - Red

Welcome parents to KG2 Owls class, my name is Ms. Saja Sooud and I come from Australia, I will be your child's class teacher for this and I can tell you how excited I am to have your children in my class. I have been teaching here in EMS for five years. I am a mother of three beautiful children one boy and two girls and you might see them around in the morning as they go to school here in EMS. I have been teaching in Doha for 11 years and I also taught in Australia for 4 years. Please do not hesitate to speak to me in regard to any issues or concerns or even to send me an email. I am sure this year is going to be a fantastic year for all of us. Please keep checking our KG2 home page and our KG2 Owls page very regularly as I post important information and some photos and videos of the children learning during the day.

Our classroom Teaching Assistant is Ms. Jonna, who has been in EMS for nine years. We are both here to support your child and to support you. Ms. Jonna and I support the school policy of healthy snacks. So please do not send nutella sandwiches, chips, chocolates or fizzy drinks.If you need ideas for a perfect school snack on the image across for ideas.

Things we need.....

Please send a labeled change of clothes and handed to Ms. Jonna or myself.

Our school has a nuts free policy No nuts or peanut butter sandwiches please