Welcome to KG2 Owls

Dear Parents,

Happy Holidays!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for a wonderful year and to say how much I will miss your children. We had a great year of fun, creativity and learning and I am so happy to have had your children in my class. I can’t wait to see them continuing to grow and progress next year!

Thank you for being so supportive, understanding and cooperative during the school year. Without your support our children would not have had a fruitful year of knowledge and skills.

Below is a video for the children from Ms. Naida and myself.

I hope you have a fantastic summer and thank you again for all your support and cooperation.


English Summer Calendar

The KG2 team created a summer calendar containing one fun knowledgeable activity for each day of the long holiday for the children to do to maintain what they have learned in KG2 and to prepare them for year 1. Please click on the picture to the right to view the calendar.

Arabic Summer Calendar

أنشأ فريق اللغة العربية للروضة الثانية تقويمًا صيفيًا يحتوي على نشاط واحد ممتع لكل يوم من الإجازة ، يقوم بها الأطفال للحفاظ على ما قد تعلموه خلال هذا العام وهو يعمل على إعدادهم مهارياً لاستقبال العام القادم بكل سهولة

ملاحظة : مرفق لديكم موقع للغة العربية مجاني يمكنكم تصفحه حتى نهاية شهر أغسطس القادم.

ارجو الضغط على الصورة