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Coming Up Events

3rd - 5th February - Trip to Cafe Ceramique

7th February - 100th Day Celebration

10th February - Lower Primary Sports Day - Please refer to KG2 Homepage for details

12-14 February - Mid Term Break School will resume on the 17th Feb.

17th - Citizenship Week

24th - 28th February - Book Week

25th - 27th - Trip MIA Library and Park

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2nd ESLRs

for week beginning 3rd February 2019

Dear Parents

February is here!!! For KG2 this is going to be the busiest month of all. We are going to be celebrating 100th Days and National Sports Day, we are visiting Cafe Ceramique, and the MIA Library and Park. Wow a lot of celebrations.

Some of the children last week have been given books to read at home to you. Please return these books on SUNDAYS. If I do not receive the book then I am not going to be able to give your child another book to take home.

The children have worked really well with labeling and so I have introduced word labeling instead of initial sounds. So your child should be able to label carpet as carpt or camel as caml. I am focusing on at, ag, ap, an, am CVC words, and sight words which are at random depending on the book your child reads.

For Math we are going to continue focusing on teen numbers as most children are still struggling with making the numbers on ten frames and forming the number, but we are also going to be exploring vocabulary to describe 2D shapes.

For 100th Day celebration, Ms. Janine and myself are going to ask the children to dress each other as a 100 year old, so we might need to put some powder in their hair and make be some face painting, if this is not ok with you please email me. If you have old glasses or walking sticks please send them for us to have fun with them. I am soooooooooo excited.

Thank you so much for all the support, cooperation and understanding you are giving me I can never ask for more. I think this year is one of the best years I have ever had with supporting, understanding and cooperative parents

It is already 100th day in school! We will be making trail mix using 100 items and lots of fun filled activities which your child will learn the value of each number he/she will account, make estimates and one to one counting. We will need the following items. Please have your item by Wednesday 6th February and remember you do not need to buy all of the list below, 2 to 3 items is going to be ok.

1. Marshmallows 2. Popcorn

3. Popcorn 4. M&Ms

5. Fruit Loops 6. Pretzels

7. Gummy Bears 8. Raisins

9. Jelly Beans 10. Cheerios

11. Goldfish cracker 12. Skittles

13. Chocolate chips 14. Teddy Grahams

For week beginning 27th January 2019

Firstly I would like to thank you all for a great International Week, the effort which you all have put into making this week a great informative week is been appreciated by our school administrators and us teachers. The children loved the activities and all the fun times we had in our centres. I can tell the children learned a new skill during last week which was solving riddles and quests. Ms Janine and I used the corners to teach specifically this skill which is very important for children in such age as it stimulates the child's brain and it allows the children to think critically.

During this week, we are going to be focusing on plants and the different types of seeds, If you could please send some indoor plants for us to explore by Monday morning it will be great. We are going to continue working on teen numbers, describing 2D shapes. We are also going to extend our labeling into making words using our letter sounds, and for those who are capable of reading I am going to be starting a reading program with them. Please try to find 20 to 40 minutes during the evening to spend with your child to review letter sounds, letter formation to help them fast track to reading. I have also introduced sight words to the children such as I, me, my, and, in, is, it , and, a and the. Please encourage the children to tell you a sentence containing a sight word in it. This is to make sure the children understand the meaning and how to use the word.

For week beginning 13th January 2019

During this week we are going to practice for our assembly and I hope you could help us out with practicing the songs and dance, I have placed links below. We are going to be working on small projects in preparation for International Week.

International Week

This is for Owls and Falcons parents as we are going to be working together for International Week. As previously been informed,our International Week is going to be from 20th to 24th January, and this year we would like the children to explore and learn about their own countries and to share information across each other. So we decided that we are going to set up centres for each country in our classes and the parents are going to be working with their children to set up the centre in a way which it showcases the country to others. You can make your country centre to be as creative and informative as you want it to be no limitations. If you need paper, paint or any stationery items we are happy to provide them for you. Please keep in your mind that your children will be working with you.

During the allocated times for each country the parents of the particular country are going to meet and work together (Owls parents and Falcons parents)


Monday 14th January - Egypt and Jordan/Palestine from 11am - 12noon

Tuesday 15th January - Syria and Qatar from 8:00am - 9:00am

Wednesday 16 January - Sudan and Lebanon from 11:00am-12:00noon

Thursday 17th January - All countries finishing touches from 8:00am - 9:00am (This is extra time if you would like to work or and anything to your centre)

On 24th January, we are going to have food sharing of your country, so please when you send the food with your child on that day, please include the name of the dish so we can display it in your country's centre. Please do not include the Fava beans, strawberry, kiwi, nuts and broccoli in any of the dish as we students with allergies.

If you would like to share a dance, a presentation, art or anything about your country during International Week (20th-23rd Jan)from 9:30-10:30am you are most welcome but please inform myself (Ms. Saja for Owls and Ms. Janine for Falcons) via email before hand.

On behalf of Ms. Janine and myself we would like to ask you to please cooperate and support us with this big project to make it as meaningful as we can for our children to understand the value and appreciate of where they come from and we thank you for your time which you are going to put into this project.

Welcome Back - 6th January 2019

I hope you have enjoyed the winter break with family and friends will all good times and lots of fun. I have already heard great fun stories from the children today.

During this week we are going to discuss our new big idea of "How the World Works". The discussion is going to frame the topics we are going to be learning about in connections with the big idea. We are also going to be practicing for our assembly so please allow the children to keep practicing the songs (links below). I hope everyone is getting ideas on how you are going to represent your country. Ms. Janine and I will send out an email to let you know the schedule in setting up your country's corner, you can be as creative as you can.

Please be reminded to send healthy snacks with the children, chocolate croissants are not healthy, increase fruits and vegetables and please check the water bottles that they are cleaned and filled with fresh clean water. Oue school uniform is important to us and it is a policy you have agreed on in the handbook. So please make sure the uniform guidelines as mentioned in the handbook. Stretch pants and track pants are not allowed, formal navy blue pants and the old or new PE pants only. School jackets are only allowed.

Great to see the kids today with all beautiful smiles ready for school.

Dear Parents,

We know a lot of you are off for your holiday vacation, however we would like you to keep this in mind.

We have been learning about different countries, nationalities and flags in KG2 and we would like parents and children to be part of it. We would like to know a little bit about your child’s country and nationality. Perhaps try your national food, see the typical national outfit/costume, see pictures or learn about your national trees, plants, flag, birds or flowers (pictures can help with this).

If we have a few families from the same country, those parents could get together and organize and decorate a corner in the class representing their country. You could bring in photographs, souvenirs, maps, flags etc. You could also do it individually and add to that countries area inside the class. You could also present something as a group or individually to the class and this can be organized with the class teacher. The children will enjoy this activity as it will involve you, your child and other parents from the same nationality as part of a community.

We will let you know when we are going to start decorating each country corner in our classes and when we would like you to create small project/poster with your child in January. If you are traveling to your country this break, this would be a good opportunity to bring back things which represent your country. International Week will be from the 20th January to 24th.

Please look out for more information on your child’s Google page for more information and dates as we get closer to the time and please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher for more information.

Have a nice December break and we look forward to seeing you in January!

KG2 Team

For the holidays.......

In preparation for our assembly, can you please allow your child whenever is possible to practice the following songs

Waka Waka - Actions

International Day Song - Lyrics

Activities can be done during the holiday

1. Name writing

2. Letter and teen number recognition and

3. Letter Sounds and Teen numbers recognition

My Movie.mp4

For the holiday.......

In preparation to our assembly, can you please allow your child whenever is possible to practice the following song action

For week beginning 9th December 2018

This week is going to be a very busy week for our class. We are going to be preparing for the National Day Celebration, where the children will be performing a parade for the school to represent Qatar Heritage. Since we have been discussing our big idea of We are all living together, the Owls mentioned living and non living things around us and so we will be discussing this topic. We are going to continue with teen numbers and general letter sounds we have started to blend for those students who are ready for it and still working in identifying and forming letters for the others.


For Qatar National Day Celebration we are going to ask for a project. We would like the children to take photos of them in their favourite places in Qatar. For example the corniche, malls, parks, beach or any other places in Qatar. Please print the photos and send them with your child by Tuesday 11th December and if you don't have a printer you can send them to me and I will print the photos out. We are going to create a booklet using the photos. But please make sure your child is in the picture.


If you have decorations for Qatar National Day please send them to our class so we can decorate it. Thank you

For week beginning 2nd December 2018

Firstly allow me to thank all the mums who came with us to the trip we all had great time and lots of fun.

This week and next week are going to be extremely busy for your class. Next week we are going to read a story called Mrs. Honey's Hat, the children will be focusing on sequencing the events of the story and retelling as well as many other skills. You can read the story if you would like which can be found on youtube.

On Tuesday 4th, KG2 Owls and Falcons are going to have a Tea Party, so please send biscuits, juice and cakes to share. We also need tea sets for the children to use and get familiar with dishes and cutlery and to learn how to setup a table.

On Wednesday all KG2s will have indoors and outdoors activities related to Hour of Code along with the different activities which will be done in the class.

Thank you

Our school has a nuts free policy No nuts or peanut butter sandwiches please