Welcome to KG2 Swans

Miss Emma and Miss Jenny

How to contact me:


or you can contact the school on +974 4488 3806


  • Please send extra water in with your child.
  • Please keep an extra set of clothes for your child in their bag.

Important dates and events coming up!

  • April 5th to 10th May: Alphabet Days.
  • 22nd to 25th April: Science Week
  • 22nd April: World Earth Day
  • 25th April: Secretary Appreciation Day

Please check our KG 2 Homepage and scroll down for daily updates!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Kindly find the links below that will take you to our albums. This is where I will be adding all our photographs from now on and I will keep it at the top of the page so you are able to see any changes! Kindly scroll down to see any updated posts, Thank you so much!

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Our Term 3

Our big idea for 3rd term is "What can I do?" It is about taking care of our body, identifying different parts of our body and our senses. It also includes performing arts like dancing, singing, painting and role play. We will help bring out the best in them through critical and creative thinking activities and we will talk about what they can be when they grow up. They will learn more about their environment and how to save it.

With your support, our children will continue developing strong fine motor skills, expanding their vocabulary and independence.

We will continue to focus on:

- rhyming words

- name writing and labeling

- number writing

- patterns

- ordinal numbers

As a regular routine we continue to practice writing our names, count the numbers from 1-20 and backwards (children also see the value of numbers through different games), do the calendar (date, months of the year), Alphabet and letter sounds and Number bingo, Jenga, building blocks etc. Games are constantly changing in the classroom and these will help the children develop or strengthen different skills that are important for their foundation. We are reading to the children often, to enrich their vocabulary and help them imagine, predict and makeup their own stories. Sing a lot, cut, rip paper, draw and glue. Give your child the chance to explore different art materials and games.

Alphabet Days

Please be reminded of our Alphabet Days and our activities for Sunday 22nd - Thursday 26th April.

Sunday 22nd April - Letter M - Mask Day - Wear a mask or make one in school.

Monday 23rd April - Letter N - Neon Colours Day - Wear neon colours to school.

Tuesday 24th April - Letter O - Ocean Day - We will study ocean life at school.

Wednesday 25th April - Letter P - Picnic Day - We will have a picnic at school.

Thursday 26th April - Letter Q - Quilt Day - We will make paper quilts in class.

Alphabet Days!

Alphabet Days are starting from 28th March. Please click on this link to view the alphabet list and the description and requirements for the specific activities for the letter of the day.

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies! Thank you for all you do! You're the Coolest!


Hello and Welcome to KG 2 Swans!

My name is Emma Hudson and I am the class teacher of KG2 Swans along with my wonderful co-teacher, Ms jenny Gabato. I am so excited to have your child in my class and I know that this is going to be a wonderful year! I can not wait to get to know your child and explore learning with them!

A little bit about me: I am from Manchester, England but I have lived in the Middle East my whole life. First in Kuwait and now Qatar. I have been in Qatar for 21 years and this is my 5th year teaching at EMS.

Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time.

Our school is a nut free school and we have a no nut policy - No nuts, no peanut butter sandwiches and no food containing nuts please.

Please take notes of the following things:

  • Please be on time, class starts at 7:00 am and pick up at 12:00 noon sharp. Don't be late to pick up your child, please think of how tired they must be by the afternoon. We don't want the children to hate school because they are tired of waiting for you to pick them up. So please do everything you can to make sure your child is picked up at 12:00 noon.
  • Please send extra clothes labelled with your child's name.
  • For snack please send healthy small snacks such as fresh fruits or sandwiches (Finger food). Please no sweets, candy bars or sodas.
  • Please send an art apron for the children to use during painting with long sleeves. You can send dad's old shirt to use during painting if you like.
  • Please send enough water to last your child throughout the day.

Children wear school PE uniform on PE days only (Sunday and Tuesday).

I hope you will be able to work with me hand in hand to make this academic year a success for your child, yourself, EMS community and myself. I do believe that I cannot achieve the highest expectations without your help and support. Thank you so much!

Lets let the fun begin!!!!!



Copy of Uniform slides