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* Arabic books will go home with your child every Sunday and need to be returned every Thursday.

Important Events

* November 18th Class photos. (please wear the full school uniform).

* November 21st - 22nd - 3 Way Conferences.

* November 26th- KG2 Toucans and T rip KG2 Swans

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Field Trip to Al Sulaiteen !

November 15th, 2018

Dear Parents,

I sent a letter this week with your child about our upcoming field trip to Al Sulaiteen Agricultural and Industrial Complex.

KG2 Toucans and KG 2 Swans will be going on Monday November 26th .

Please sign and return the permission slip by Sunday November 18th.

Looking for Moms or Dad that would like to help us take care of the children on that day . If you are free Please contact me I need a total of 5 parents. It is also a time to see your child interact with his/her friends and you will enjoy it .

Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon!


For all of you who came to our Math Morning ! You made it very special and the children continue to talk about it. If you were not able to make it, we posted a few pictures on the Google drive and we hope we could see you in future events. I have gotten very good feed back from parents who made it to the event.

Thanks again.

Breast Cancer Awareness Day Thursday 15th November - Wear Pink!

Toucans Weekly News

Weekly Info - Week Nov 11th -16th 2018

This is Healthy Week in school, we will be talking of how to keep our body self and eat healthy. Please remember to always send healthy snacks to school.

If you have pictures of healthy and unhealthy food please send them to school so we can use them for different activities during the week. On Thursday we will be having a healthy shared picnic . Please send something in with your child to share. It will also be pink day!

Toucans ESLR's for

November 11th- 15th 2018

9) ESLR for google site
KG2 Toucans Weekly Schedule.docx

Important Information

Our school is a nut FREE school and we have a NO nut policy - No nuts, NO peanut butter sandwiches and NO food containing nuts please.

Please do not send anything containing nuts because we have friends with nut allergies. Lets help keep our children safe.

Welcome to KG2 Toucans

We would like to welcome you and your child to the 2018-2019 KG2 Toucan class. My name is Nancy Ford. I was born in Venezuela, raised in a bilingual home and speak fluent English and Spanish. This is my 7th year working at English Modern School in Doha. Been working ( Venezuela, Seoul, Tanzania / Shinyanga). I enjoy trying to help with your child's first foundation and I understand what it is to be raised in a bilingual home.

Our classroom assistant is Ms. Filma Combao. We want your child to feel secure and that he/she can approach the two classroom teachers equally. Our aim is to provide your child with a nurturing and safe environment, were different skills will be learnt in a fun way. These skills will be the ones that will help with your child's foundations to be carried for the rest of his or her life.

The following information is very important. Please read it carefully and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • The school day time is from 7:00 am – 12:00 pm. Punctuality is greatly appreciated. Please notify the school if your child will be late or absent. If your child arrives at 7:10 it’s consider a tardy and will need a pass to enter the classroom.
  • Kindly keep up to date with our KG2 Team’s Google page and our class KG2 Toucans Google page for any important information and updates. I will not be sending out many emails, as all our information will be displayed on the Google site.
  • For snack please enclose healthy small snacks such as fresh fruits or sandwiches (Finger food). Please, No Nuts, Chocolate, candy bars or sodas.
  • Please send a plastic thermos instead of glass bottles or jars for your child's drink. (Plastic is safe for your child).
  • Please label all personal items that are going to be sent to school.
  • If your child needs to take any medication on a regular basis, please contact the nurse.
  • Children must not bring jewelry to school. We will not be responsible for any losses.
  • Your child should bring a change of clothes just in case of emergencies (These items will stay in school on a regular basis).


Ms.Nancy Ford

​ Ms. Filma Combao

The Toucans Class