The majority of students have access to technology at home, either personal or shared devices. Parents face new challenges with managing devices and time spent in front of screens. Kids face new challenges learning how to interact with their peers using social media and technology in general.

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Parent Night: Screen time and Cyberbullying

Parent Tips: Screen Time and Cyberbullying

Your child is taking part in classroom lessons from Common Sense Education’s K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum, designed to educate and guide young people to harness the power of the Internet and digital tools so they can become safe, responsible, and respectful digital citizens.

سوف يحضر ابنكم/ ابنتكم دروس عن تعليم المنطق السليم في منهج المواطنة الرقمية الخاصة بصفوف مرحلة الروضة وحتى المرحلة الثانوية والذي صمم بهدف تعليم وإرشاد الشباب على كيفية توظيف قوة الإنترنت والأدوات الرقمية، ليصبحوا مواطنين رقميين أمنيين، مسئولين ،ومحترمين

Technology can consume our lives if we allow it. Take a look at these videos for how to address this with your children.

Preschoolers and Technology

Primary students and Technology

Consider the distractions that are present during homework time

Purchasing technology for kids - what to consider before you buy

Parent Evening - Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship - Parent Evening 23.11.2016.pdf