Welcome to Year 1-1

Ms. Mel and Ms. Jules

Summer Activity Pack

Dear Parents,

The Summer Activity Pack was created for you and your child to work on throughout the summer. It is very important that your child continue to practice the skills they learned in Year 1 to better prepare them for entering Year 2 next school year.

Be sure to provide opportunities for your child to read as often as possible and continue supporting reading throughout the summer. There are also a variety of learning websites, games, activities and project ideas.

Thank you for working with your child this summer and have a safe and fun vacation!

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Home Reading End of Year

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My name is Ms. Mel and I am from Romania. This is my 13th year of teaching Primary students and my 8th year teaching Year 1 at English Modern School, Doha.

I will be working with a wonderful Teacher Assistant. Ms Jules has been working at EMS for the past 6 years and this is her 2nd year in Year 1.

I believe that giving students choices rather than directives they will feel empowered to learn. Learning is a lifelong process and I want to instill that passion in my students.

I look forward to an amazing year with my super students.

Here is some important information:

  • School opens at 6:45am, lessons start at 7:15 and finish at 13:45pm. Kindly be on time to pick up your child as they get really tired by the end of the day.

- PE Days are: Tuesdays & Thursdays

- Art Days are: Sundays & Wednesdays

- Islamic Days are: Mondays & Thursdays

- Qatar History Day is : Sunday

- Send healthy snack and avoid sending chocolate sandwich, chocolate milk, candies.

- Send enough water for the entire day and label the bottle.

- Label all your child's belongings (backpack, jackets, hat, lunch box, water bottle)

- If your child is sick do not bring him/her to school and bring or send the doctor suspension. Any medicine should be taken to the school doctor because she is the only person authorized to give it to the kid.

- If you would like an appointment or contact me please send an email melania.pruna@emsdoha.com or call the school office.

- For Laptop lessons, some activities could involve using sound for additional learning. If possible, students can bring an inexpensive set of earphones, which can be kept under lock and key in my class. Then they could use them in class.

Dear Parents,

We are learning to form our letters correctly. Thank you for helping your child build correct muscle memory in their handwriting.

Please click here to see the correct letter formation in Year 1.

Year 1-1 Parent Evening Slides

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Photo Gallery

Any photos from learning in the classroom or field trips/events will be found in the folders below.