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Welcome to Ms. Myriam and Ms. Mari's class!

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Effective Communicator & Dynamic Achiever dress-up Day

Effective Communicator

November 12th to 16th, 2017

Nov 12-16

Welcome parents!

My name is Myriam Medina. I am from Venezuela, South America. I was born and raised next to our lovely and warm Caribbean sea and about three years ago I took this amazing adventure to the Middle East, which I'm loving it! =)

I've been teaching for the past 11 years and this will be my 4th year working with kindergarten in English Modern School. Based on my experience, I believe students learn better and become self-confident when they feel loved and appreciated. Thus, we will do our best to provide your child with a cheerful and comfortable environment to make learning a pleasant, enjoyable and easy process.

This year I will be working with Ms. Mari, a wonderful Teacher Assistant from the Philippines. She has been working in EMS for 5 years and will be joining our Year 1 team.

I look forward to working with you all. Your support is essential in this journey!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me to the following address:

Year 1-7 Schedule

Year 1.7 Schedule 2017-2018.docx

Important information:

- PE Days are: Sundays & Wednesdays

- Art Days are: Sundays & Wednesdays

- Send a healthy snack (please avoid sending chocolate milk, chocolate croissant, nutella sandwich, or candies)

- Send a labelled and re usable water bottle

- Label all your child's belongings (backpack, jackets, lunch box)