Welcome to Year 2


Second Step

The primary years bring exciting new challenges and opportunities. It’s the ideal time to nurture social-emotional competence and develop foundational learning skills.

The evidence-based Second Step Program includes everything schools need to integrate social-emotional learning (SEL) into their classrooms and schoolwide. Using the Second Step curriculum has been shown to decrease problem behaviors and increase school success by promoting self-regulation, safety, and support.

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We Care About Your Kids

  • Due to the heat, it is very important that students bring water bottles to school so they have enough water to drink throughout the day.
  • We highly encourage our students to eat healthy food. Therefore, please make sure you pack healthy sandwiches and snacks in your child's lunch box, such as sandwiches, peeled/cut out fruits, cut vegetables, yogurt, juice... Please send a spoon or fork in your child's lunch box if needed.
  • EMS is a nut free school, so please don't send roasted/raw nuts or peanut butter sandwiches with your child. Chips, candy, chocolate, chocolate sandwiches, fizzy drinks are not allowed. Kindly avoid sending fried food and pasta on a daily basis.
  • Your children wake up very early and they spend a lot of effort in school. Please make sure they get enough sleep and rest on school nights.
  • Please make sure your children get to eat breakfast before they arrive to school. Many children complain of hungriness and stomachache during the first 3 lessons which makes it difficult for them to settle down and focus on the lessons taught. Bear in mind that the first break students get is at 9.30.

Healthy food. Healthy bodies. Healthy minds.

Get enough rest and sleep well, kids!

Year 2 Curriculum Guide

Here you will find an overview of English and Math standards.

Copy of Revised Year 2 Curriculum Guide.pdf