Year 2-1

Ms Natalia

Learning gives you

wings to fly!

Welcome to Year 2-1 !

Welcome to a new school year !

My name is Ms Natalia Rabah. I am Russian who has been living in Qatar for the past 22! Years.It is my 17th year of the teaching experience here in Doha.I am so excited to have your child in my class.There are six very important things I want you to know before we start this exciting school year together :

1. I believe in your children.

2.I trust in your children.

3.They are listened to.

4.They are cared for.

5.They are important.

6.They will succeed.

If you have any questions or concerns you can reach me via my or your child’s communication book.

Best regards

natalia 2-1 Timetable 18-19.docx


Dear parents,

You are invited to our class assembly on September 19,2018.

It will start at 12.50 sharp. Please, arrive 10-15 min earlier,in order not to miss your kids presentation.

Venue: small cafeteria

Time : 12:50 p.m

Date : September 19,2018

P.S. Kids should be dressed in white plain t-shirts and blue jeans for the assembly.

Thank You

Dear parents,

Thank you very much for attending our first assembly.

We really appreciate that.

P.S. Please don't forget about tomorrow . It's a T-shirt Day !

How to. Thursday, 4th of October,2018

Dear parents,as a part of our non fiction studies ,we are going to write instructions of How to make your sandwich.First, students will write their instructions and then, based on their own writing ,they will make their sandwiches. We would like you to send with your child the following: 2 slices of bread,cheese and any vegetables they like to put in their sandwich. If you are going to send a spread cheese,then you will need to send a plastic knife as well.

Thank you.

Raz Plus and Mangahigh

Dear parents,

Kindly send small headphones with your children. We are having chrombooks 3 times a week.(Monday,Tuesday and Thursday). Your child will have 2 options: to label headphones and keep them safe in the class or bring them to school , every time we have chromebooks. It shouldn't be an expensive piece.I suggest that everyone has his/her own headphones. No sharing,please.

Thank you

Ms Natalia

P.S. If you have any questions ,please don't hesitate to contact me.

EMS Year 2 – 6 Term 1 After-School Activities Program

Monday and Tuesday for year 2 from 1:45pm – 2:45pm.

Dear Parents,

Our 1st term of the EMS after School Activities Program (ASA) for primary students (year 2 to 6) will start:

 the week beginning 28th of October 2018 till the week beginning 9th of December 2018.

Total of 7 weeks.

Those wishing to sign up their children for activities will need to register by using the following link:

Registration link:

Please fill out the online registration as soon as possible to increase your children’s chances to participate in their first choice of activity. Spaces are limited and students will be registered in

Year 2-1 list of students in after school activities. Term 1.

Monday Activities Mayar Marey 2.1 English Writing D1-08

Dear Parents,

The Primary school will be having international week activities from January 20th until January 24th 2019. Our class will be learning about Russia and its culture, people, food...etc.

On Thursday January 24th, students are asked to dress in their own national costume, or any other international dress.

Students are asked to share a traditional food dish from their country or any other country of your choice. Please note no cupcakes, donuts, chips or popcorn are allowed only traditional dishes from a country of your choice. There is no need for the school bag this day, only their lunch box and water.

Our girls will perform a russian dance” Kalinka “. They should be dressed in red or blue skirts and white tops.(please practise dance, using a link below. up to 2:30 min.

Please note this event is for students only.

Some students will be conducting a research about Russia.(booklets will be provided. ) Parents help is highly appreciated. We appreciate your cooperation and your support to help make this unit informative and fun!Any

questions, please contact me

Ms. Natalia