Year 2-1 where everyone is a star

Ms Natalia and Ms Kristine

Welcome to Year 2-1 !

April 25,2018

Dear parents,

For the next few weeks we are going to have different in- class activities that will require headphones. So, on Sunday ,April 29,please, kindly send with your child inexpensive headphones in a ziplock bag. Please label your child's bag. We are going to keep these headphones here in our classroom till the end of the year.

Thank you very much

Ms Natalia


Dear parents,

We have our 2-1 assembly this week on Wednesday,November 8, at 12 noon. You are all welcome and encouraged to come and watch our class perform our song. It will be held in the small cafeteria. Please come 10 minutes before, at 11.50 so you can get a seat. You are invited back to our classroom after the assembly, to have a look around. You can also take a early leave slip and take your child earlier if you would like to.

natalia 2-1 Timetable 1718.docx

Welcome to a new school year !

My name is Ms Natalia Rabah. I am Russian who has been living in Qatar for the past 22! Years.It is my 16th year of the teaching experience here in Doha.I am so excited to have your child in my class.There are six very important things I want you to know before we start this exciting school year together :

1. I believe in your children.

2.I trust in your children.

3.They are listened to.

4.They are cared for.

5.They are important.

6.They will succeed.

If you have any questions or concerns you can reach me via my or your child’s communication book.

Best regards

Dear Parents,

Thank you very much for the attending Meet the Teacher night yesterday (20.09.2017). It was a great pleasure meeting you and hearing your feedback. I am looking forward for this academic year. Together we shall help our kids to succeed.

Best regards

Ms Natalia

28/09/2017 .During the first library session this year everyone felt comfortable and enjoyed their time.

Meet our Independent Learners.

And this is our very first birthday girl this year.

Safety Week Police Visit

23 October, 2017

Dear parents.

I would like to thank you everyone who attended our Literacy Morning on Tuesday, October24,2017.

It was a very positive experience for all of us.

Now you will have an idea what your child does in class during Language art lessons.

Thanks a lot for your support and co-operation.

Best regards

Ms Natalia Rabah

International Week Jan. 21-25, 2018

Focus Country: Denmark

We will be celebrating diversity in EMS – Primary Department – during International Week from Jan. 21 to Jan 25, 2018. Our class will focus their learning about Denmark, in addition to other countries that are already familiar to us.

Learn: Please have your child do a little research so that they could share with the class a valuable piece of information about our focus country during the week. He/she can share it as poster/project or even orally during morning meeting. On the top of that I suggest that your child reads and explores stories written by very famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

Song: We will learn a new song called “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”. Please help your child practice the song at home so he/she can sing it out loud with all the other year 2 students in our assembly. Here’s the link: Please use this link to practise the dance for the assembly.

Decoration: Please share any decorative items with the class, if you have any. We will return them as soon as we are done with this week.

Thursday, Jan 25, 2018: Wrapping Up our Diversity

FOOD: As a celebration for the end of International Week, Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018 you are also welcome to send a traditional dish from your own country’s cuisine. Please avoid food that is not healthy and full of sugar. Thank you!

COSTUME: Moreover, in order to help your child get motivated about this learning experience, we ask you in advance to prepare to have your child dress up in his/her own national costume for own home country. You can be creative with the dress up; it could be the traditional folklore dress or even the colours of his/her own national flag. Kindly check ideas using the Google search engine to help you with costume ideas. Please don't let your child miss the chance of proudly showing their sense of belonging. Such things make learning all the more exciting for your little ones!

We appreciate your cooperation and your support to help make this week informative and fun! Please contact me for more info.