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Sports Day Pictures and Videos!

February 3-7

Students became intial consonant blends experts this week and had fun creating posters! Engaging reading sessions with questions to improve comprehension lesson was a blast! Fractions learning was lots of interactive fun!

January 27-31

Another wonderful week of busy learning past tense verbs, guided reading stations observed by outside schools showing how amazing our class is, story elements created using posters, celebrating Qatar's win, wow we had a blast, much deserved Golden time!!

International Week January 20-24; we had a blast, from amazing learning to hands on crafts made by the kids, what an amazing week! So proud of my kids!

January 6-10th, 2019 Welcome back to school! Day one was fun but busy with our detailed learning of 3D shapes!

December 9-13 week was super busy full of learning and festivities :

story planning and writing, adding 2 digits with 1 digit, make a picture using 2 d shapes! Last was a fun Qatar National Day Party; it was loads of fun! Check out the pictures and videos!

December 2-6 was busy with new knowledge!

We are learning about shapes, materials, short and long vowels, story elements and coding like computer scientists! What an amazing start of the week! Please use Raz Plus, Mangahigh and Seesaw for class related activities!

Students are becoming experts in saving planet earth and have studied in depth topics such as what is pollution, what is rubbish, what is recycling and what is sustainable living. The words might be big, but they all came to a great understanding of the topic! I tried with them a strategy called jigsaw which involved students learning and teaching from each other and it was very successful! Check out their awesome work! We also started training for fiction writing, way to go 2-2!!

Year 2-2 are experts in recycling, pollution and sustainable living! They did amazing research and we will continue this deep learning of caring of our environment for the whole week! I am very proud of all my students! At the end of the day, they deserved a dance break!

Adjectives learning at its best!

Another fabulous week with my lovely students!

Our class was chosen to start the football match with teachers and students. A video attached!

We learned about fact family, sang a song for it and visited the library again!

Wonderful friends shared treats with their friends too!

Baladna Park Pictures and Videos

Place Value and Doubles Pictures and Videos

Students were all engaged in our Math Lessons on Place Value and Doubles! Check our pictures in the folder attached below !!

Another busy fun day learning nouns and verbs! We played noun and verb charades; videos are here :)

It was also Year 2-2's first time in the library. The students were so well behaved the librarian was very proud of us!

Please ensure that the books are returned in 2 weeks time that's Thursday November 15th. Click the folder for more!

Action Verbs!


Students have been using various addition strategies to help them get to the solution of an addition word problem.

Rainy Day Writing Prompt!

Students had so much to say about the past few days of rain. We wrote about what happened and how they felt towards this special weather!

Please watch our NAME RACE video it was a blast!! The cookie jar game video is right below it too!


My name is Noura Khalaf! I'm a Palestinian Canadian with 4 beautiful children who are my pride and joy. I've been Team Leader and a Year 2 teacher at EMS Doha for the past 8 years.

I believe that all children are unique and have something special that they can bring to their own education. I will assist my students to express themselves and accept themselves for who they are, as well embrace the differences of others.

Every classroom has their own unique community and my role as the teacher will be to assist each child in developing their own potential and learning styles. I will present a curriculum that will incorporate each different learning style, as well as make the content relevant to the students' lives.

My goal is to always incorporate hands-on learning, cooperative learning, projects, themese and concepts and individual work that engage and activate students learning.

I believe in a building a strong teacher-parent realtionship. A good two-way communication between parents and teachers is necessary for students' success. This way, we are both better the better equipped to help your child achieve academically.

Please email me for any questions or concerns at : noura.khalaf@emsdoha.net.

You can always arrange for an appointment to see me through the school secretary.

Class Timetable

P.E. Teacher: Mr. Michael and Ms. Andra

Arabic Speakers Teacher: Ms. Amani Arabic Non-speaker Teacher: Mr. Ahmad O.

Qatar History Speakers Teacher: Mr. Ahmad O. Qatar History Non-speaker Teacher: Ms. Mirielle

Islamic Speaker Teacher: Ms. Maha Islamic Non-speaker Teacher: Mr. Ahmad O.

Global Studies: Ms. Noura and Ms. Kelly

2-2 Timetable 2018/2019

After School Activities list of students attending so far!

Class Photos-more recent folder added with loads of various pictures! Enjoy!

International Week January 20-24

Fantastic learning about Mexico and amazing hands on crafts made by my lovely talented students! So proud of you all, what a blast!!!