Welcome to 2-3 with Ms Kelly!

International Day Photos and video!

We had do much fun preforming our traditional song from New Zealand! I have very proud of all of the students, they learnt the words and the actions and did a great performance. Please Excuse if there is not photos of every student specifically, I tried but it was a very busy day and i did not get a chance to take a picture of each child individually.

International Week!

Next week 20th-24th January we have international week at our school. Each class is going to be studying a specific country. Our class is going to be studying New Zealand. We will be learning about New Zealand and their culture while learning some traditional music and dance.


On the Thursday (24th January) of the week we are going to have a shared lunch. Your students need to bring something to share for lunch from their country. We want traditional dishes, not things such as doughnuts or candy.


On Thursday the 24th your child can dress up in traditional dress from ANY country, their own country, or any country they choose. Or they can wear normal clothes in the flag colours from the country we are studying which is New Zealand. The colors for this are red blue and white.

Any questions just email me :)

Planting photos

How to plant a seed! Here are some photos of us last week on house colours day, planting our seeds! We had so much fun learning about what it takes to plant a seed and we are so excited that all of our plants have grown. We will be bringing them home this week.

Up Coming event!


Thursday "How TO" writing!

This Thursday, Oct.4 ,2018, we are going to learn how to plant in class. Language Art (how-to writing) and Science (living things) overlap in this activity. Students will experience hands on planting then write simple steps of planting a seed. We will keep a record and observe on a daily basis how are plants will grow and discuss and learn more and more everyday! They will decorate their own pots too and personalize it their way!

Materials needed will be provided.

Attention and presence are required :)


This Thursday the 4th of october is House colour day where the students are to wear their house colours to school. If they do not have the official school house colour shirt (I know the uniform store has stopped selling them) Then we would like them to wear any normal shirt that is the colour of their house. Preferably with as little designs or logos on it as possible. Thanks for you cooperation I am sure we will have a great day supporting our houses on Thursday!

My name is Ms Kelly and I am going to be teaching your child this year. I am from New Zealand and this is my second year at EMS Doha. I thoroughly enjoy working with children and having your child in my class this year is my pleasure. I am looking forward to a fun and exciting year and cannot wait to see the social and academic progress your child makes this year.

As a part of my teaching approach I encourage my students to try new things, take risks and give things a go. I want my students to know it is okay to make mistakes and that mistakes are a part of our learning. It will be very helpful if this is reinforced at home. I want school and in particular our class to be a fun and safe environment where my students can learn, grow and feel comfortable. Having my students feel happy while making progress in all areas is my priority.

You can find any information about what is happening in our class, and what is happening at school on this class page. I will keep it constantly up dated.

If you have any questions or wish to contact me my email is kelly.robertson@emsdoha.net alternatively you can contact D block reception and book an appointment with me any time.

Here are some Photos below from the 20th of September, our dress up day with our T shirt we made with inspirational quotes! We loved dressing up and we love being in front of the camera!