2-4 Mr Bartlett and Ms Veron's class.

Year 2-4's 2017-18

Visit to Kahramaa Awareness Park

Timeline Project

During the last few weeks we have been preparing a timeline of your childs life. In order to complete this it would be wonderful if the children could bring in scanned photographs of key points in thier lives to add to the timeline.

For example:

The first day of kindergarten.

The first day at school.

A birth of a brother or sister.

When they first walked.

A first holiday.

The day they were born.

These are just a few examples, ideally we would need a picture for every year of thiers lives, so 6, 7 or 8. The pictures should be scans and not the originals and they should not be too big, standard photograph size is fine (6x4 or 7x5) and printed on A4 paper so we can cut them out.

The Important Stuff.

Maths and English reading.

Can any parent who has not got access to Mangahigh or Razplus please let me know as soon as possible.

Reading at home.

May I respectfully remind you all the of the importance of reading, especially at home. Over the last few weeks there has been a noticeable decline in Razplus logins. Could you please remind your child to login and complete the tasks I set.

Library Books RETURN.

Please ensure that all library books are returned on Wednesday, otherwise you children wont be allowed to take any more out.


Please don't forget to encourage your children to login to:

Raz-Kids so they can practice their reading and comprehension skills.


and Mangahigh to brush up on their maths.


I will also embedded the pages at the bottom of this page for easy access.

Razkids A-Z(Reading Programme)

Razkids is now live and ready to use. Today we all logged in during our class and we all had a great time.

I have sent home the usernames and passwords today in the communication book.

Please do sit with your child and have fun.

MANGAHIGH (Maths Programme)

Mangahigh is now ready to be accessed. Today we signed in during our lesson and had a play, however, for some it was difficult. Could you please supervise your children when they sign in again. The password, username and school ID is in the front of the communication book.