The more you learn, the more you know. And the more you know the more places you will go - Dr Seuss

Welcome to 2.5 with Ms Kelly

Hello Parents,

I hope this message finds you well. I would like to introduce myself and welcome you back to the school year. My name is Kelly Robertson and I am new to EMS this year.

I have moved to Qatar recently, from New Zealand and I am really excited to be here in Doha, at EMS. This year we have lots of exciting things planned and I am looking forward to working in partnership with you and your children on their journey of learning and fun this year in year 2 at EMS.

If at any time you would like to speak to me about any aspect of your children's school life, please do not hesitate to contact the reception desk in D block and book an appointment with me. I am more than happy to speak with you, you can also email me on

Important information.

Below are a few important pieces of information for you to know this year.

  • After school children are to be collected at the classroom at 1.45pm. Thursdays is 12.30pm. They must be collected by an adult (Parent or Nanny) or an older sibling that is year 7 or above. If you have made arrangements for someone different to pick them up on a certain day please let reception know for security reasons. If they are not collected by 2.10 they are taken to the small cafeteria to be supervised while they wait.
  • There is a communication book your child has that goes home and should come back to school every day. Please do check this as it may contain important information. If you would like to write me a note, please do so in here.
  • As mentioned above, if you would like to meet with me to discuss anything relating to your child please contact reception in D block to make an appointment.

Three way conferences!

Please click here to book an appointment with me to have a three way conference on the 21st or 22nd of March.

Students will lead parents through their learning, sharing the progress that they have made throughout the academic year and identifying their next steps in learning. Unlike a traditional parent-teacher meeting, during the 3-Way Conference students engage in an open and honest dialogue with parents and teachers about their learning and their understanding of the progress they have made within each area of the curriculum. This process further supports our students to become independent and assessment capable learners as it develops the students' ability to reflect, celebrate their successes and identify their next steps.

Healthy Eating

I would just like give you a reminder that in 2-5 we promote healthy eating. I would like you to make a big effort to send your children to school with healthy lunches. I am going to be checking from now onwards and will send notices home with students who bring unhealthy food. There is to be no fried food brought in, french fries, nuggets etc things like this. Also no chocolate or candy, and no chocolate spread on sandwiches. Please send your children with things like sandwiches, fruit, eggs, bread and hummus, crackers and snacks. I will be in touch with you personally if I see your child's lunch needs changing. Thank You for your support.


Raz plus logins went home this afternoon so children will be able to begin using it from this evening onwards (1st October)

Each student will have 2 books assigned each week. (If this changes I will let you know) They can listen to it, read it and then also there is a quiz they can do on it afterwards for some of the books.


Mangahigh is up and running and I am enjoying seeing the children's work they are completing on there. Just a reminder that each game can be played numerous times and it will not be the same, it will generate different questions. This give students a chance to play the game again if they did not pass. Or if they did pass they can play again to receive an even better score and get a higher medal.

Photo Album

Below are some photos of our ESLR's day last week were we dressed up as independent learners!

We have enjoyed getting intro groups and sharing the stories we have been reading at home. This is working on our listening skills when someone else is sharing, and working on our won comprehension skills when we are sharing because we have to understand what happened in the book in order to explain. Below are also some photos of these sharing groups.


Below is our timetable for the year. Please look at it careful to ensure when your child has their specialist classes. There is also a copy of this in your child's communication books that goes home daily.