Welcome to 2-6 with

Ms. Theglitsa

My name is Theglitsa (Theg) and I was born and raised in London. I have been teaching for many years in England and Internationally now and have loved every day of it!
I am looking forward to teaching your child and we are already excited for the year that lies ahead. It's going to be a year full of fun, exploring and growing as a team.
Along with your support, we can work together to make sure that your child enjoys every day in school and loves to learn.
If you wish to contact me, you can use your child's communication book or email theglitsa.demetri@emsdoha.net

Welcome to the 2018/19 Academic School Year

I ask that you guide and support your child’s learning by ensuring that he or she:

- Attends school daily and arrives on time, ready for the day’s learning experience.

- Receives healthy snack and lunch and adequate amount of water.

- Sleeps well to get ready for an engaging and exciting learning experience every day!

- Reads daily to develop a love for reading and to improve literacy skills.

Thank you!

Please try to read as often as possible with your child. Enjoy taking the time to listen and discuss the book read.

Thank you!

This is our weekly timetable!

Take a look at some activities we did in our first week in school...

Here we made bookmarks.

Here the children had fun using the whiteboards and using the Reading Corner during breaktime.

Week 2

(2nd - 6th September)

Here the children were writing the matching number for each number word.

The children found bonds to 10.

Week 3

(9th - 13th September)

Here the children were ordering numbers. They had stations and worked on 0-20, 0-50 and then some challenged themselves with numbers up to 100.

On the left children were forming numbers.

Below the children worked on their sound knowledge and word building with some interactive whiteboard games.

Here the children all signed in to the chromebooks with support. Then they logged into Mangahigh and played some Mathematical games on their own accounts.

They all used the log in's on the back page of their communication books.

Week 4

(16th - 20th September)

Here the children explored non-fiction texts, guided reading and library reading

The children found numbers on a twenty's frame.

Some of the children had fun designing their own t-shirts.

Week 5

(23rd - 27th September)

Here the children read new books on Raz Plus and had fun reading in groups.

Week 6

(30th September - 4th October )

This Thursday 4th October, the children will be learning 'how to...' make a sandwich! They will have fun making it, then use this experience for an instructional piece of writing. We can't wait!

Here are some pictures from our library visit this week.

Here are some more fun pictures from the rest of the week.

Copy of Google Site template

Week 7

(7th - 11th October )

Here the children are working on grouping amounts of objects.

The children found digital and analogue times on a clock.

The children rolled the dice to make number families.

Week 8

(14th - 18th October )

The children pulled a digital time card, then worked as a team to show this same time on a big analogue clock they created using their bodies for the minute and hour hands.

Below are some more photos of some of the fun activities that took place this week.

The photos show the children during the Poetry Assembly, lots of different concepts being taught in Mathematics, some parents came in to help the children with their Mathematics learning, Second Step concept learning, seeing the rain and discussing weather, library time which all of the children absolutely love and finally our end of week golden time where the children ate some yummy treats for being superstars for this first part of our school year!

Week 9

(21st - 25th October )


Week 10

(28th October - 1st November )

When we return to school after the break (Sunday 28th October), the girls will be starting swimming lessons during their PE lessons. Please make sure your child has what they need to be able to do this.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

After School Activities:

Coloring Club (Year 2) On Monday - Tamim Khatib, Majid Abdelmuniem

The children are enjoying exploring place value!

The children made world plates identifying the continents and oceans, cutting them out and then sticking them in the correct place.

' You are my sunshine'

The children made a sun, using themselves as the noun in the centre. They then thought of adjectives to describe themselves for each ray.

We will start looking at recycling. Please encourage your child to recycle. Thank you!

Every Wednesday is 'House T-shirt Day'! Please wear a t-shirt of your house colour every Wednesday.

Thank you!

Week 11

(4th - 8th November )

Baladna Park trip Wednesday 7th November

Please refer to the Year 2 google site and the letter given to your child for more information on regarding this trip.

We are all looking forward it!

The children are independently choosing new books and writing the title in their reading file log. They enjoy exploring the different book types.

Here are some photos from our trip to Baladna Park...

The children enjoyed their visit to the library.

Week 12

(11th - 15th November )

The children enjoyed this drawing activity. They drew to music according to their feelings.

The children thoroughly enjoyed a new game 'Interland', used to help teach safety when online.

The children have enjoyed using 'Target Numbers' as a warm up this week. They were also answering 2-digit add 2-digit questions.

Breast Cancer Awareness Day

The children came to school in pink, made crafts activities and watched a whole school parade. They had lots of fun!

Week 13

(18th - 22nd November )

3 Way Conferences

This week we will have 3 way conferences on Wednesday 21st November from 2.30 - 5pm and then again on Thursday 22nd November from 7.15am until 12. Please make an appointment using the email you were sent and come along with your child. I look forward to seeing you all!

School Photo

This Tuesday 20th we will have our class photo. Please make sure your child is in correct school uniform ready for this. Thank you!

The children are working out addition and subtraction worded problems.

The children are making estimates of amounts then counting to see if they're right.

The children enjoyed making their own carrots from the story 'Creepy Carrots'.

Week 14

(25th - 29th November )

Please can you bring in anything you have at home that we can use for recycling. For example plastic bottles, egg boxes, shoe boxes, toilet rolls etc. Please make sure they are cleaned first.

The children will be making something creative with these materials as part of our recycling topic.

Thank you!

The children used the strategy they are most comfortable with to add numbers.

A huge thank you to those of you who have brought things in from home for us to recycle by making something with as a whole class. We will make models on Thursday, so you still have time to bring things in if you wish. Our class are all very kind and share, so there will be plenty for them to choose from.

The children edited a piece of writing, creating lovely letters.

Please encourage your child to play Mangahigh and Raz Plus everyday.

These are some of the interesting models that the children created by recycling their everyday household things.

This Thursday was our library day. We have started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a whole class.


Week 1

(2nd - 6th December)

Early Morning Work 'Target Number'!

The children made 'Greater than' and 'Less than' crocodiles.

Week 2

(9th - 14th December)


Could you please help us start preparing for Qatar National Day by bringing in any kind of decorations for our class.

This Thursday 14th, the children will come to school in National dress and may bring some food in for our class.

Thank you!

The children began to make crafts for Qatar National Day.

Children continue working on coding with Bee-bots and on the chromebooks.

National Day!

Week 3

(16th - 20th December)

The children continue to sort, draw and name 2D shapes.

Enjoy the Winter Break!

Just a reminder, the boys will start swimming this first week back after the holidays.

Welcome back!

Happy New Year!

Week 4

(6th - 10th January)

New year, new table layout. The children are enjoying working in new spaces.

Next Wednesday 16th January 2-6 and 1-3 will be hosting an assembly. It will be in the small cafeteria (in front of block E). Please be seated by 12.45. We would love if you could make it!

Children can wear a top or hat of their choice for the assembly. Please make sure this is kept in their bag, ready for them to put on before the assembly.

They used geoboards to make 2D shapes.

Thursday's library session.

Week 5

(13th - 17th January)

Math stations this week have involved number, 2D shape, 3D shape and symmetry.

The children enjoyed starting guided Math groups, investigating number and shape.

The children loved hot seating and role play as different fairytale characters.

Please continue to use Mangahigh and Raz Kids which is updated weekly.

We are all so proud of what a fantastic job the children did in their assembly! They are all super stars!

Week 6

(20th - 24th January)

International Week

Our class will be learning about Japan this week and its culture, people, food...etc.

On Thursday January 24th:

- Dress in their own national costume, or ANY other international dress. They can wear the flag colours too.

- Share a traditional food dish from their country or ANY other country of your choice.

Please note no cupcakes, donuts, chips or popcorn are allowed only traditional dishes from a country of your choice. There is no need for the school bag this day, only their lunch box and water.

We appreciate your cooperation and your support to help make this unit informative and fun! Any questions, please contact me.

We are all very excited for International Week!

We love our Math stations in 2-6!

After School Activities will start from this week.

Monday - Colouring Club:

Aban and Fares

Monday - Puzzle Solving Club:

Fatima and Majid

Tuesday - Paper Fun Club:

Aban, Fatima and Fares

Just a reminder:

Every Wednesday is 'House T-shirt Day'!

Please wear a t-shirt of your house colour every Wednesday.

Thank you!

The children explained the meaning of, identified and then used nouns, verbs and adjectives. They liked that it was 'Jack and the Beanstalk' themed.

Some of our Japanese work.

We love guided reading.

The children has so much fun doing lots of activities, going to other classes, performing in a school assembly, eating and celebrating our weekly awards on our International Day!

Week 7

(27th - 31st January)

After School Activities have started!

Monday - Colouring Club:

Aban and Fares

Monday - Puzzle Solving Club:

Fatima and Majid

Tuesday - Paper Fun Club:

Aban, Fatima and Fares

Week 8

(3rd - 7th February)

The children drew characters and settings online. Then they read a range of fairytale books.

Creative writing using implementing parts of a fairytale.

Sports Day will be on Sunday 10th of February 12 - 1:25

-Wear their house shirt or PE kit

-Bring a healthy lunch

-Bring extra water

-Bring a hat

Monday 11th February

Class shared lunch for Ms Theg's birthday.

Week 9

(10th February)

Sports Day fun!

Parachute and Rock, Paper, Scissors.



Cosmic Yoga.

Cat and mouse.

Field Activities.

Field Activities.

Field Activities.

Field Activities.

Field Activities

Field Activities

Materials hunt around the school and food sharing time. Thank you to all of you who helped by bringing something in!

Week 10

(17th - 21st February)