Welcome to 2-7 Ms. Shawnette

In Class 2-7, We Reach For the Stars!

I am excited to be a part of the EMS family and am dedicated to the social and academic enrichment of each student. I am from Toronto, Canada and have been an educator for over 9 years, specializing in the area of science, math and teaching students with exceptionalities.

I believe in the importance of student engagement and strive to make learning fun and relevant to the lives of my students. I am excited for our year ahead and encourage you to be a part of it too!

Should you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me at shawnette.bankasingh@emsdoha.net so we can both support the growth of your child.

We have two snack times each day except for only one on Thursday.

We are teaching our students about the 4 food groups and healthy food practices.

Please send a filled 1 liter reusable water bottle with your student.

We are working on being globally aware so we encourage parents to only bring reuseable bottles please.

healthy food, reading and water are good for our soul!

Reminder that girls' swimming has begun! Please have students prepared with swimming suits, swimming caps, and a sweater to wear after class ends. Thank you!

Please note that Physical Ed is on Sunday and Tuesday. Please ensure your child is dressed in the appropriate gym attire which includes uniform jogging pants and T-shirt. Students may often be outside and will need water and a hat. Thank you

Math Centres Here We Come!

Students are working on problem solving and developing their presentation skills

Manga high and Raz-Plus are now set up and student logins are in the back of the parent communication book

We will be beginning our new units in language, social studies and science

Big Ideas:

Living things need different things to survive in their environment and are impacted by human activity

Timetable Template

Check Soon For Our Demonstrations on

How To Make Slime!

through learning Procedural Writing

Poetry Week is October 4-11

Parent Math morning coming up October 16


Well Done!


Fantastic Job!





For our Social Studies and Science Unit, students have learned about different living things and their habitats and the impact of human activity on the environment. In groups, they have created their own habitat dioramas along with acrostic poems for poetry week






House Colour Celebration Day

Please have students wear their house colour every Wednesday to promote our school team spirit

Parent Math Morning

Tuesday October 16, 2018 7:15- 8:30 am

Please join our class and work with your child as they visit various math centres. Our focus is on:

mental math fluency

grouping numbers, skip counting by 2, 5, 10

addition and subtraction

write, read, identify, order and compare numbers

solving word problems


number bonds

odd and even numbers

Students write acrostic poems about the animals in their habitat diorama

Library Book Return

Our class has library every 2 weeks where students will return their books and check out new ones. Please remind students to be responsible and to take care of our library books, returning them in good condition. Thank you for your support

Term 2 After School Activities

Have Begun!

please check the schedule above for your child's registered activity

Upcoming Class Assembly

Wednesday November 28, 2018 12:45 pm

Our class will perform these songs:

Please practise the lyrics at home with your child.

Safety Song

Continent Song


Class Picture Day!

Our scheduled picture day is on Wednesday, November 21, 10am

Please have students dressed in proper school uniform and beautiful bright smiles!

Our Field Trip to Baladna Park

Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Students will have a spelling quiz every week

Goal: students will learn to improve the spelling of sight words

Please practise sight words and the weekly spelling list with your child

New Integrated Language, Science & Social Studies Unit

Thinking Critically About Different Cultures and Material

Students will investigate different materials and their properties to construct a stable structure that will be tested at the end of the unit. They will learn about different materials and structures through reading fairy tales from different cultures and through STEAM centres in class


we are working on building speed and fluency with solving basic math questions in our head

please practise with your child at home. Thank you for your continued support!

International Week is Here!

Welcome to Brazil

Our class will be learning about Brazil! We will learn about the culture, language, music, people, land, food and arts

On Thursday January 24, 2019, please have students dressed up in a white t-shirt and blue jeans for their carnival parade performance at the assembly. Students will design and decorate a mask and an instrument in class to accompany them in the parade.

Also, students are encouraged to bring a traditional dish from any country to celebrate International Week

Qatar National Day