2-7 Ms. Stauna

Welcome to class 2-7!

We are creating a great learning year!

Let us recommit to wearing the proper uniform as outlined in our handbook. We look sharp in our uniforms!

P.E. kit is worn on Monday and Thursday only.

Please wear regular uniform all other days, including black shoes. If students do not know how to tie laces, please buy them velcro closures on the shoes. Untied shoes are a safety issue, especially on the stairs and playground.

On Wednesday, please wear regular uniform. The only difference is the option to wear the house color shirt. It is not required. The regular uniform is required. Wednesday is not a day to wear P.E. kit or sport shoes.

We have two snack times each day except for only one on Thursday.

Here are some ideas for healthy snacks:

    • fruits - peeled or cut for easy eating
    • vegetables - peeled or cut for easy eating
    • salads with fork
    • sandwiches with tuna, meat, vegetables or cheese
    • soup in a thermos with spoon
    • non-sugary cereal with milk and spoon
    • popcorn with no butter or salt
    • chicken or meat pieces
    • hard boiled eggs or fried eggs
    • hummous with arabic bread/pitas
    • olives/pickles
    • dolmas
    • crackers (not biscuits)
    • plain digestives
    • pretzels
    • cheese
    • water
    • 100% juice
    • white milk

Please send a filled 1 liter reusable water bottle with your student. They need to drink a lot of water throughout the day and the small bottles of water are not enough.

Hello! I am glad to be teaching Year 2-7 at EMS this year! I am from Montana in the USA and this is my third year in Doha. Please send me an email or make an appointment to connect and create a great partnership in support of your student. I am here to help you, too, as your child grows this year. We have so much to talk about! Ms. Stauna