Welcome to Year 2-8

Ms Rola and Ms Sheila

Class Books

PLEASE RETURN BORROWED BOOKS (weekly reading books / guided reading books) by Sun., June 3rd as we are working on the class inventory.

Students will still have access to books inside the classroom only.


"May joy, peace and hope be filled in your homes.

Have a blessed Ramadan."

Please keep in mind that school is open until June 14. We still have some work to be completed at the moment. As you all know we don't have set dates for evaluation since our assessments are on-going based on daily practice and class work.

In case you have other plans, please inform admin about your child's last day of school - there's a form you need to fill in case you decide not to send your child to school before June 14.

***Please return any borrowed books that your child has at home: class books (reading file), guided reading books, and/or library books.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Memory creation in progress...

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Dear parents,

I would like to thank you for the support that you are consistently providing to ensure the best for your child. Please keep on doing so until the last day of school. This term is as important and affects the overall learning of your child and it prepares him/her for next year.

Reading files

Reading on a daily basis is extremely important and that’s why building a consistent routine is highly recommended. Make sure your child packs his/her own reading file (5 books + log) in the school bag every Saturday night so that he/she can swap the books with news ones from our class library. Send me a note on Sunday in case extra time is needed to complete the weekly reading task.

Guided Reading books

If your child has any Guided Reading book that is still at home, please send it to school as soon as possible.

Library books

Year 2-8 visits the library every other Thursday. Please make sure your child returns the library book once he/she is done with it. We would appreciate it if you can inform us in case the book borrowed has been lost. The librarian will send a note with the amount to be paid in case the book has been long overdue and/or has not been returned to the library.

Healthy Food and Water

As the weather is getting hotter, your child requires more water to drink. Please send extra water to school. Healthy food is always promoted and encouraged. Keep in mind that sugary snacks, chocolate, nuts, chips, candy, and fizzy drinks are not allowed on campus.


EMS students should wear EMS uniform (including the jacket and complete PE outfit) at all times, except dress up days. Shoes that light and football shoes with cleats are not allowed.

Your continuous cooperation is much appreciated. Thank you for doing this and more.


Dear parents,

Thank you for following up on reading on a weekly basis. Reading and discussion are a very important part of your child's progress since it develops necessary language skills, critical thinking, and creativity. Please continue with established daily reading routines.

    • Check that your child packs his/her reading file in the school bag every Saturday night so that he/she changes the books Sunday morning. This is part of our Sunday morning station work. I have talked to the children about being responsible and independent, yet it might be helpful to double check that the file has been packed.
    • Reading file must stay home all week except for Sunday.
    • Please inform me if your child needs extra time to read his/her book. You can send me an email or a note in the communication book.

I am looking forward for more growth next term. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

"The more you read, the more you know,

The more you know, the more you grow "

Personal Care

Kindly note that we are constantly discussing the importance of personal care as it is vital for our health and hygiene. Last week, we integrated this into our "how to" writing and students wrote 'How to Brush Our Teeth".

  • Please encourage your children to take their time when brushing their teeth in the morning and at night. This will help them establish independent routines. Students feel more confident when they come to school fresh and neat.
  • Girls' hair must be tied up or clipped away from their face.
  • Kindly check that your children wear comfortable shoes to school, which is just the right size for them.
  • Healthy food is a big thing in our class. Please make sure their lunch bag includes a sandwich, healthy snacks (preferably fruits and veggies), juice, and plenty of water to drink - especially that the weather is getting hotter.
  • All EMS students must come to school wearing the complete EMS uniform. Please make sure your child wears the school jacket and/or PE outfit. School uniform is now available on campus for a discounted price.

Thank you for doing this already. Please encourage consistency.

Your child must be motivated to be independent and self-conscious when it comes to matters like these.

3 Way Conference

It was delightful to see you and your child in the meeting this term. I hope that your child would benefit from the positive feedback and constructive remarks that have been discussed in our meeting. It is important that we work as partners to foster your child's learning experience. I am positively looking forward for more growth by the end of the year and I am sure this can only happen with your continuous support.

Thank you for finding the time to come and share your comments and concerns with me.

Please don't hesitate to send me an email if you have an inquiry. Call the secretary in admin building and set a meeting if you need to discuss concerns with me.

Hello, my name is Rola and I come from Lebanon. I am pleased to be part of the Year 2 team here at EMS for the 4th year! I am looking forward to another year full of new discoveries. Your children bring so much to this class and I'd love to learn more about them! There is so much to be excited about this year. Some of the concepts we will tackle in year 2 are living and non-living, addition and subtraction, creative writing, reading habits and word study. One of my favourite things to teach is reading using the Workshop model! We will do many interesting writing activities that go along with the stories we read in class. I believe that students shine when they try their best. Teaching is my pleasure :)

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I want to partner with you in order to best support your child. You can simply reach me at rola.soufi@emsdoha.net for quick answers or you may set an appointment through the secretary for more detailed inquiries.

Read. Know. Learn

Rola 2-8 Parent Evening 2017/2018 GS Copy

'Meet the Teacher' Presentation 20.09.2017 is now here for your reference.