Language Arts

Raz-Plus Delivers a Personalized Blended Learning Approach to Literacy. Leveled Books and Other Resources in Printable, Projectable, and Digital Formats. Students develop reading skills most efficiently when instruction, practice, and assessment are blended and informed by data.

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Reading tips for Parents

Please read the comprehensive booklet attached below on reading at your convenience which explains the importance of reading and how to help at home!


We cannot stress enough the importance of reading every single day. Please read with your child and ask them the following questions (translated in Arabic too) before/during/after reading the books.


Sight Words and High Frequency Words

dolchpri (1).doc

Parts of Speech


A noun is word that names a person, place or thing/animal - even an idea.


A verb is a word that tells about an action or state.


Don't forget the difference between a common noun and a proper noun!!



Adjectives are words that describe. They can tell more about:

  • appearance: beautiful, handsome, cute, lovely, ugly
  • shape: round, tall, triangular
  • size: tiny, enormous, little
  • colour: yellow, brownish, transparent
  • number: few, many, four...

Adjectives add details to our sentences and make our writing more interesting!


Highly recommended websites

Letter Reversals

Please refer to this document as an example in case your child reverses letters while writing and needs help with proper letter formation.

Letter Reversals B and D Selma Dawani 2014.pdf