Language Arts

Prefixes and Suffixes

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Vocabulary Lesson- The Prefix Mis-.mp4
The Prefix 'dis-'.mp4
suffixes homework.pdf

Making inferences


Main Idea and Supporting Details-Introduction to summary skills


Authors as Mentors

We are reading books by Eric Carle and Peter Reynolds. Click on the authors' names to get more information. Videos attached of some of their well known stories written.

Helpful list of Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives to help with your child extend their sentence and make their writing much more intersting!


Adding -ed and -ing to verbs

Copy of Spelling-Rules-for-ed-and-ing-2gl21tu
ed-ing-endings (1).pdf

Long Vowel Sounds

I say you say long vowels.ppt
Long & Short Vowel Check-in.pdf
Short and Long Vowel Review.pdf

Facts and Opinions


Sample ideas of facts and opinion activities you can do with your child at home.

Colour the panda and write 5 facts and 5 opinions about pandas.docx
Fact and opinion

Nonfiction Text Features

F & NF.pptx

Suggested activities and important links to use at home!

What is a Fractured Fairy Tale? Please check the Power Point below!

Fractured Fairy Tales.ppt

Try the following activity to help your child create a fractured fairy tale online! Just click the picture! ===>

Reading tips for Parents

We cannot stress enough the importance of reading every single day. Please read with your child and ask them the following questions(translated in Arabic too) before/during/after reading the books.


Sight Words and High Frequency Words

The Dolch Word List.

The complete list of Dolch Words in alphabetical order is up now. Please practice reading the words with your child. You can have them find a meaning of the word in a dictionary, find rhyming words, put them into sentences...etc. to reinforce the learning.


What are nouns?

Videos and activity sheets

What are Verbs?

Videos and activity sheets

Highly recommended websites