Mangahigh is a Maths Program where students can practise a wide variety of skills, such as their basic facts, addition, subtraction, time, data, etc. Students in Year 2 will be assigned Practise at Home using these websites on a regular and consistent basis.

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Number Sense

Please practice with your child foundation skills such as counting onwards, counting backwards, whats before, whats after, missing numbers to consolidate understanding and help us move forward with addition and subtraction. Here are some helpful links to help you consolidate.

Please don't send this back to the homeroom teachers. These are just sample ideas you can do at home with your child!

Missing Numbers: Counting to 100.pdf
Numbers and Words.pdf

Addition strategies

Addition vocabulary words


Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal numbers are used for Calendar Math to tell about the position of numbers, used to tell about the position of something in a list. Have your child practice knowing these as well as writing them as words.

Other Helpful websites: