Social Studies

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Animal Adaptations




The Weather

How to Take Care of the Environment

Desert and Ocean

Natural and Built Environment

Living and Non Living Things

Various information to review about Living and Nonliving. Please check out the videos, websites, games to explore more on this unit:

People and Places

1.A local map

2.A world map

3.What is the weather?

4.Maps and Globes

5.Water for life


1.My local area

2.Caring for environment

3.Waste and recycling

Health and Well-being

1.What I should do at home?

2.Keeping clean

3.Exercise and rest

4.Healthy food

5.Playing safely

6.My personal responsibilities.

7.Rules and behaviour

8.Making a difference

Family and Culture

1.A simple family tree

2.A simple timeline

3.Changes in a lifetime

4.Together as a family

5.Personal qualities

6.Homes, food, clothes, toys - before and now - in different places

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