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Here you can find important information, such as the newsletter and monthly calendar, as well as any information regarding all of the things we do in Year 3.

For information about your child's class, please check the Homeroom teacher's page.

For additional resources for subjects, please look at the Language Arts, Math and Science pages within Year 3. The links in the subject pages may be used for practice at home.


Field Trip

Next week, the Year 3 classes are visiting the Al Sulaiteen Agricultural and Industrial Complex (SAIC).

We will be learning about landscaping and agriculture in Qatar. The children will be learning about the supply of flowers and fresh fruit/vegetables to the local market.

11th November: Year 3-1 and 3-2

12th November: Year 3-3 and 3-4

13th November: Year 3-5 and 3-6

14th November: Year 3-7 and 3-8


Swimming Update

Swimming lessons are now going ahead!

This term, the girls in the following classes will be going swimming for their PE Lessons:

3.2 3.4 3.6 3.8

Please ensure that they come to school prepared to swim (appropriate swimwear, hair tied back etc) on both of their PE days.

Boys will be having their swimming lessons later in the year.


This week, all families will receive a copy of the new 2018-19 Parent & Student Handbook.

Please sign the Parent Agreement on Page 7, then remove it from the handbook and return it to your child's Homeroom teacher as soon as possible. Thank you!

Year 3 Calendar

Please check our Year 3 calendar regularly so that you are aware of any changes or additional events that may have been added.

For clarification on the details of any events, please contact your child's teacher.

Thank you!

Meet the Year 3 Team

Class 3.1: Ms. Amy
Class 3.2: Ms. Hind
Class 3.3: Ms. Hanan
Class 3.4: Ms. Lauren
Class 3.5: Ms. Amy Kate
Class 3.6: Ms. Sarah
Class 3.7: Ms. Aliona
Class 3.8: Mr. Oronde (Team Leader)
Teaching Assistants:Ms. Elena, Ms. Minda and Ms. Veronica

Year 3 Curriculum Guide

Year 3 Curriculum Guide Final.pdf

Current Topics of Learning

Please see the subject-specific Year 3 Google Site pages for more detailed information and helpful resources that you can use at home.

Math Focus

Our Year 3 Students have been focusing on Data and Management including; How to make tallies and create Bar graphs and Pictographs. Students have also been strengthen their Number Sense. Learning to count forward and backwards to 1000, and to order numbers using Place Values with Base 10s, Number lines and 100 Charts

Literacy Focus

Our Year 3 Students have been developing their writing stamina and will begin to write more creative pieces over the next few weeks. With National Poetry Day on October 4th we hope to inspire them to think of some wonderful poems they can write that may demonstrate what they have learn about developing a Growth mindset.

Science Focus

Our Year 3 Students have been investigating the growth of plants. How does a plant grow? What does it need to grow? Can you do anything to make a plant grow better? Can you do anything to make a plant stop growing? Students are exploring the different parts of a plant and comparing different plants that grow in various environments.