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Welcome, Parents and Students, to my class website. Here you will find all important information regarding your students throughout the year. Important events or information related to the school, Year 3, or my classroom will be posted here.

Hi, my name is Mr. Alex and this is now my fourth year at EMS! Before Teaching at EMS, I supplied in London for a year. Recently, I recently received my Masters of Science (Education) to better meet the needs of my students. I look forward to meeting all of you soon and am looking forward to a great school year!

Important Information


At E.M.S. we teach our students strategies to focus, calm down and solve problems using a program called Second Step. At this point in our class, students have learned all the different strategies seen in the picture below. This includes Empathy (understanding how others feel), calming down when experiencing strong feelings like anger or being excited, and solving problems using S.T.E.P.

I have encouraged students to sit down with you, the parent, to explain all these different strategies so they can be understood and reinforced at home.

As an example, when solving problems using S.T.E.P., students must think of solutions that are safe and respectful to all children involved. This means that hitting back and saying bad words back are not good solutions and should not be used.

The more students practise and use these strategies, the better they will become at solving problems effectively without violence. Please have a discussion with your child about these strategies and how they are used.

- My Email: richard.skarzynski@emsdoha.net

- For Laptop lessons, some activities could involve using sound for additional learning. If possible, students can bring an inexpensive set of earphones, which can be kept under lock and key in my class. Then they could use them in class.


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Please find above my Class Schedule for the year. All subject that I teach are listed as Home Room as the subject lessons might change day to day, depending on the needs of the students. All Specialist subjects are also listed. Library will be Tuesday Lesson 6. Students will need to bring their books that day to return in order to take out new library books.