Class 3-5

Miss Amy Kate

I have been teaching in Doha for the past 4 years and am extremely excited at my recent move to English Modern School. Graduating from the University at Nottingham I have become conditioned to not only set high expectations for my students but also to create a fun and thriving atmosphere within the classroom. If you have any queries or require any information, please feel free to contact me on the following email address:

What will we be studying in class?

Unit 1: Generalisation.

Keywords: Change, Collaboration and Creativity.

Students will develop understanding of the positive learning traits and skills required to develop a Growth Mind set. Through exploring the stories of Kobi Yamada and Peter Reynolds, students will begin to explore the way the characters learn how to develop ideas towards a set goal despite mistakes and setbacks. This Unit serves to integrate English, Social Studies and Science in a meaningful way. It focuses on concepts of growth, creativity and collaboration. Students will explore the growth of plants and the factors that contribute to how plants grow. Building on these concepts, students will explore through Social Studies, how to collaborate with others to make a healthy class, school, and greater community environment.

Class Schedule

I will be your main point of contact if there are any issues. However please be advised that the following members of staff will also provide your children lessons. Their subject and details are provided below:

Physical Education- Ms Andra Stean

Art- Ms Wendy Zatar

Arabic- Ms Maysoon Jamil

Qatar History/Islamic- Ms Ferial Mahmoud

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