Year 3-5

Ms. Robin

Welcome to our class page

Hello everyone, my name is Ms. Robin Urban. I am from Montana in the United States.

This is my fifth year of teaching at EMS, second year in Year 3, and eighth year of living in the lovely country of Qatar.

I am very excited to be teaching your child this year, along with Ms. Minda, our TA. I look forward to meeting and speaking with all of you. Together we will work to prepare your child for his/her future and help them to be successful learners.

For any concerns, please contact Ms. Robin at, or, contact the Primary Secretary to set up an appointment.

Dynamic Achiever Day, Thursday, January 11, 2018

Dynamic Achievers are people who reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and who strive for excellence in everything they do. Examples of Dynamic Achievers are: sports players, business people, doctors, artists, etc.


Aerial view of Al Khor and Dhakira.

Location of field trip destination is where the point of land juts out into the Arabian Sea.

Aerial view of Dhakira. The dark green area in the almost center of the photo, along the water's edge, are the mangroves we will be looking at.

Aerial view - Dhakira. Field trip location, about 1.5 inches up on right side of Google Earth image, where the dark green area is.

Literacy Learning - For Parents, Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Year 3 - 5 Class Schedule

2017 - 2018

*Below is our Class Schedule for the 2017 - 2018 school year. All the subjects that I teach, are listed as Homeroom. The subject lessons will vary from day to day, depending upon the needs of the students.

*All Specialist subjects are listed in their respective blocks.

*Library will be Tuesday, Lesson 5. Students will need to bring their library books that day in order to be able to check out new library books.

*Our PE times are Sundays and Tuesdays Lesson 2. Students will need to wear the PE kit on both those days.

2017-2018 Year 3 - 5 Class schedule Kids version.docx


Congratulations to our

Pride of Principal

Award Winners:

Week of September 21, 2017: Haya Moussbah and Joory Abdelrahman

Week of September 28, 2017: Dana Al-Sulaiti

Week of October 5, 2017: Farah Ahmed, Ahmed Alkhalout, Hala Jamous

Week of November 9, 2017: Ahmed Alkhalout and Maryam Al-Sada


Year 3 - 5 Parent Evening Presentation

(September 20, 2017)

To use Robin's Parent Evening PPT 2017_2018.pptx

In case you missed our Parent's Night, here is a copy of the slide presentation with the pertinent information. Any questions, please let me know.

Activity Photos