Miss Marwah 3-7

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Here is our timetable. Please let me know if you cannot see either of these links.


3- 7 Timetable

Mangahigh! It's on!

We're participating in competitions in the region on Mangahigh and our students are doing very well. It's wonderful to see them engaging with the games and activities so enthusiastically.

Please support our students by encouraging them to log on at home and letting them practice their skills and earn medals on Mangahigh.

End of Week 3

We've been working on number skills to wake up the Maths brains, getting into a reading routine, writing sentences, presenting work properly and learning about plants. It's been a busy week!

After a solid week of focusing on independent work 3-7 has settled into the school year nicely. We'll keep working on listening skills and deliberately focusing attention in the coming weeks. It'll be great to get into group work mode again!

One of our priorities this week has been to ensure that everyone has logged onto Google Classroom, Mangahigh and Reading A - Z at school and at home as well. Most of the kids logged on with no issues and a few told me about some issues they were having at home and these were resolved. Please let me know if there are problems logging in at home.

Meet the Teacher Evening

It's been a great week and the students of 3-7 have started to settle into the routines of our class already. We ended the week with Golden Time and we're looking forward to doing it all again next week!

Please remember to come in for Meet the Teacher Evening. It's a great opportunity for us to meet and for me to introduce myself to you. Children learn best when they feel that school is connected to the rest of their lives and that their parents and teachers are on the same page.

I look forward to meeting you on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 from 5:45pm to 6:15pm.

Meet the Teacher Poster

Welcome to 3-7 and a new school year!

I hope you've all had a great summer and are feeling rested and ready for a whole new year of fun, discovery and learning,

I'm Miss Marwah and I'm looking forward to meeting you all. This is my fourth year at EMS and in Qatar. I love exploring new places and leaping into new experiences. I love travelling and meeting new people.