Mr. Oronde 3-8

Greetings, from Mr. Oronde. Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year. I am delighted to share in this experience with you all and the marvellous children.

Please see below our Full class Schedule

Copy of year 3-8class timetable

Messeage to Parents about Healthy Snacks

Dear Parents/Guardians,

At English Modern School we work hard to ensure that students’ minds and bodies are ready for learning each day and eating healthy at school can positively affect children’s behavior in the classroom. Students must be prepared and energized, in order to be ready for success in the classroom.

School meals (lunches and snacks) should contain vegetables, fruit, and healthy natural juice drinks. Not confectionery (chocolates, sweets, or sugary snacks). As a school, it is part of our responsibility to help children learn how to eat healthily. Please make certain that your child is coming to school with fruits for snack and a healthy balanced lunch for the second. By helping them start healthy habits early in life, we can help reduce our children’s’ health risks and increase their chances for longer, more productive lives. break.

Kind Regards,

Oronde (Mr.)

POP Stars

Celebrating our Prides of the Principals

Our Photo Gallery

Candid photos of our 3-8 Students learning, sharing and just being themselves

Weekly Home Reference Support Information

For the weeks of Oct. 14-27/18

Literacy & Reading at Home

Students have been assigned new books to read on Razkids. This week's titles are; Fantastic Flying Machines, Owls Overhead, Condors: Giant Birds, The Lion and the Mouse, Canada

  • Mr. Oronde loves listening to your child read. However, please do not record more than 2 recordings per week so that I can ensure that I listen to all students and reward them accordingly.
Seesaw Letter to Parents and Students


Students have been assigned new challenges on Mangahigh. This week's focus is on estimating and rounding numbers to the nearest 10s and 100s. Students have been learning how to express these numbers using 100 charts, base 10 models and on a number line. They should also be able to express numbers in standard, written and expanded forms.

Invite Email for Students

Hi Parents of 3-8 Students,

This year we’re going to use Seesaw to share our learning. Please join our class Year 3.8 today!

Students get excited to choose from Seesaw's creative tools. They express themselves, reflect on their learning and create a portfolio they're proud to show others.

eesaw works great on any computer or device. Bookmark on your computer and download the Seesaw app for your device and your students' devices.

Big Idea: Think about this

Students have been focusing on a Growth mindset as the Big Idea. This week and next we will continue to develop our understandings of how to apply The Power of Yet to challenges that we face. In Science we are looking at how to grow plants and the connections to how we can also grow our brains. In small groups students have been writing about a mini movie they were shown in class called Soar, and how the little girl demonstrated both a Growth mindset and the Power of Yet.

Next week will be looking at poetry and writing poems to also show what we know about a Growth mindset. We are also working on memorizing a rap song called the Power of Yet to be performed at our assembly.

The click to the video can be found below...