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Data and Data Handling

What is Data?

Another term for data is information. Data is a collection of information gathered by observation, questioning or measurement.

• Data is often organised into graphs and charts in order to be observed in a more logical, organized and logical way

How to Conduct a Survey

This is a quick introduction to surveys and questions.

A survey is a data collection tool or list of questions used to gather information about individuals or groups.

Tally O'Malleys

This is a cute short story that we may help our learners how to create Tally charts. Tally charts are a useful tool used to help record, and sort information (data).

Pictographs & Bar Graphs

This is video shows parents and students how to present data (information) in the form of pictographs and bar graphs.

Place Value and the Order of Whole Numbers

The place value is the value and order of Whole Numbers.

We use place value headings like 1s, 10s, 100s, 1000s. These help us do sums and see which numbers are bigger than others.

A number is made of one or more digits. The number 683, for example, is made of the digits 6, 8 and 3

Ones, Tens, Hundreds and Thousands

This video helps students become familiar with math terms one, two, three and four digit numbers. And to recognize the patterns in numbers (when counting by 1s, 10s, 100s, & 1000s)

Skip Counting by 2, 5, 10s using a 100 Chart

This video helps students become familiar with the use of a 100 Chart and develop the ability to skip count numbers in 2, 5, & 10s to 100.

Skip Counting & Multiplying on a Number Line

This video helps students become familiar with the use of a number line and to develop the ability to skip count numbers and a basis for multiplying.

Order these numbers from smallest to biggest:

a. 8500, 9750, 5001, 3990 c. 4300, 8950, 2740, 2790

b. 5600, 3400, 1250, 9490

Online Resources


Mangahigh is a Math Program where students can practice a wide variety of skills, such as their basic facts, addition, subtraction, time, data, etc. Students in Year 3 will be assigned Practice at Home using this website on a regular and consistent basis.