Welcome to the Math Page. Here you can find information related to the study of Math and our focus of practices, along with strategies and a wide variety of online resources that you can be used to support your child at home.


The basic idea of multiplication is repeated addition.

Example: 5 × 3 = 5 + 5 + 5 = 15

Weekly Math Problem

Each week, we will have a math problem that children can study if they would like to extend their learning in the Mathematics area. The problem will be related to current topics and events at school. The math problem is completely optional and work will not be checked or marked by a teacher.

This week's math problem:

Copy of M & D word problems.pdf

Multiplication Strategies

3xs Table Song

Multiplication Song

Multiplication and division Calculation Posters.pdf
Maths Challenges Set 1.pdf
Maths operations Cards.pdf
Mental Maths Strategy Cards.pdf


Mangahigh is a Math Program where students can practice a wide variety of skills, such as their basic facts, addition, subtraction, time, data, etc. Students in Year 3 will be assigned Practice at Home using this website on a regular and consistent basis.