Mr. Callam's Class

Hello! My Name is Mr. Callam and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone.

I am originally from Durham, England and I am starting my first year here at EMS.

This is going to be an exciting adventure for us all, and I am looking forward to a year of progress and fun.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at callam.atkinson@emsdoha.net or by making an appointment with our department secretary.

Important Notices

  • A reminder that students are encouraged to bring headphones to school to use with laptops and also to bring their own cushion for sitting around the classroom in comfort.
  • All students have been given their logins for Mangahigh and Raz Kids. If it is lost, please email and I will send it with the student the next time I see them.
  • Google classroom has a lot of information and activities being posted, particularly fun ways to learn the topics which we are currently doing.
  • Homework will be given weekly in the form of Mangahigh, Raz kids and Google Classroom.
  • Library is last lesson every Sunday so please remember to return your books every week!
  • At the end of each day, all students must go to either the school bus, the correct gate for pick up or the late classroom which will be in one of the year 4 or 5 classrooms. No student must wander the school after school.
Google Site template
Parent Timetable


In Maths, we have started our measurement unit. We have begun using measurement related to length, width, height and distance (mm, cm, m and km).

We have interacted with our surroundings and measured things in our daily lives.

English & Social studies

In English, we have begun researching about different cultures. Everyone in the class has been assigned a country to research about and to gather their findings. We will be gathering this data and creating our own non-chronological reports which will take the form of an information booklet.


In Science, we have begun investigating habitats and how the animals which live in these habitats adapt to different environments. Over the next few weeks we will be researching about different habitats and animals, while creating our own presentations.