Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 Homepage! Here you can find important information, such as the News Flash, as well as any information regarding all of Year 5. For information about your child's class, please check the Homeroom teacher's page. For additional resources for subjects, please look at the Language Arts, Math and Science pages within Year 5. The links in the subject pages may be used for practice at home.

After School Activities for the 2018-2019 school year will commence on 28 October.

Field Trip

Year 5 will be going to Angry Birds on December 2nd and December 6th

Classes 5-3, 5-4, 5-6, and 5-8 on 2 December

Classes 5-1, 5-2, 5-5, and 5-7 on 6 December

The cost will be 100 riyals per student

Permission forms will be sent home in the coming week. Each child must have the form returned or they are unable to attend.

School Pictures will be taken from the 18-29 of November

Class teachers will notify you what date your child's class has photos.

When our children use the Internet to search for images for projects or anything related to school work, please encourage them to use Kiddle instead of Google.

Kiddle is a child-specific researcher supported by Google, which prevents the appearance of things that are not suitable for them.

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Home Practice

This year, we are aiming to go paperless with the home practice that we set. Weekly tasks will be posted on Google Classroom. The purpose of this website is to make home practice more engaging and enjoyable for your child. It also provides them with the opportunity to develop their 21st Century skills.

Furthermore, all students now have access to two exciting new educational resources: RAZ Kids Plus and Mangahigh. You can click on the name of the underlined websites for quick links. Students have been provided with login details for both sites and can use them at their leisure. Teachers are also able to assign tasks via these websites, the details of which will be posted on Classroom.

In addition, Google Classroom can be downloaded on a phone, tablet, or other electronic device through the app store, allowing students to access this website on multiple devices.

What is Razplus

Razplus is like reading a book but it will be online. It offers a wide range of e-books which I will set up for your child to read depending on their reading level.

It allows them to listen to an audio to help with pronunciation and they can record themselves and send it to me so I can check their speaking. It's a fun way of encouraging reading, with comprehension questions I can set, to check their understanding of what they have read.

Parents asked how they can make sure their child is reading. It is the same way you would check if it were a hardback book. I will also check they are reading and give them questions to check their learning.Your child can still read a hardback book, that is not a problem but Raz Kids will be the main tool for readers homework.

Here is a link showing all the benefits of Raz-Kids, please have a look.

Message from the Arabic Department

Please see the guide below as to which books should go home and which should stay in school:

1. Arabic books

- Activity book: should stay at home every day (the teacher can ask the student to bring it to school if needed).

- Student book: should stay in the classroom from Sunday- Tuesday. After that, the student can take it home and bring it back on Sunday.

2. Islamic Studies

- Activity book: should stay at home.

- Student book: should stay in classroom and the student can take home if needed.

3. Qatar History book: stays at school. A soft copy will be added to the Google Site for use at home.

Year 5 Curriculum Guide Final.pdf

Year 5 Curriculum Guide