Parent/Teacher Conference is on 6 December from 2:30-5:30 PM

Please use the following URL to schedule the Appointment:


Weekly Updates

  • Photo money can be given directly to admin( next to block D) to Ms Noha. Please try and give correct change. Last day to order December the 12th
  • Reports will be sent via email to parents, on Thursday.
  • Please bring your jackets in as the weather is getting colder

School trips and activities

  • Hour of code starts next week
  • We will watch a play 'Goldilocks' which will be held at school.
  • School trip to Darb Al Sai on the 12th of December and back by 11.00.
  • National Day on the 14th of December


Always check google classroom, important information will be updated weekly.

This week is:

  • Maths:Mangahigh and times table: next week you will learn your square numbers this week
  • LA Readers:Razplus is now up and running, please also take your reading book from our class or one you chose from the library
  • Spelling: is on Google classroom

Google classroom for LA Writers (please remember to turn it in on Google Classroom, try not to send it on a separate word document or it won't show Ms Habiba you completed your H/W).

What's happening this week?


  • We have started our new unit 'Data Handling.'
  • Why do we collect data
  • different types of data such as (line graph, tally chart, line plot, pictograph, bar chart)
  • Probability : Understand these terms, Likely, Unlikely, Certain, Uncertain, Possible and Impossible


  • Introduction to Solid, Liquid and Gas
  • What does each state mean, can you think of examples of each?
  • What does Evaporation and Condensation mean? Can they go from one state to another? Think how this can happen
  • Challenge yourself, do some home experiments to help you understand S O M ( you shoukd know what this means )

Social Studies

  • Citizenship
  • Understanding how to respect other people's culture and values
  • Respecting the environment around you


  • Introduction to Poetry
  • The elements of poetry ( look in your notes if you forgot)
  • Discuss metaphorical expressions and figures of speech (simile & metaphor)

Grammar focus for the week

  • Singular and plural
  • Metaphor and Similie
  • Sentence opener (learning about the different ways we can start a new sentence)
  • How to use a dictionary

To enjoy with the family!!

For more information, please, go to the webpage shown on the picture or call to that number to get seats!

Go Blue!

Dress in Blue Day - Anti Bullying

Let's all remember to wear blue and encourage our students to wear blue as well. Jeans are allowed. Ripped or revealing clothing should NOT be worn.

It is my pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Diego Cabrera from Venezuela which is located in South America. The experience I have collected throughout nearly ten years includes training and teaching children in sports and educational fields. I thought in international schools and universities. In Venezuela, I taught at University of Carabobo for two years, my hometown university and where I am graduated from. I also taught for two years at International School of Carabobo. I lived in the United States and worked at International School of Arizona. I currently hold a Bachelor's Degree in Education Major in English and, an Associate's Degree in Teaching Children with Special Needs. Briefly, I am incredibly excited to be here at EMS this year, I am totally sure this class will be outstanding.

Time Table

Home Practice

This year, we are aiming to go paperless with the home practice that we set. Weekly tasks will be posted on Google Classroom. The purpose of this website is to make home practice more engaging and enjoyable for your child. It also provides them with the opportunity to develop their 21st Century skills.

Furthermore, all students now have access to two exciting new educational resources: RAZ Kids Plus and Mangahigh. You can click on the name of the underlined websites for quick links. Students have been provided with login details for both sites and can use them at their leisure. Teachers are also able to assign tasks via these websites, the details of which will be posted on Classroom.

In addition, Google Classroom can be downloaded on a phone, tablet, or other electronic device through the app store, allowing students to access this website on multiple devices.