5-1 Ms. Debs

I am Ms Debs. I come from South Africa. I have taught for over ten years in South Africa. My specialist subjects range from Science, Biology to English and General class teaching. I am passionate about my teaching, sports and nature. This is my first time in Qatar and I am very excited and looking forward to teaching year 5.

Exciting News:

Year 5-2

Will be going to Angry Birds on 6 December


ALWAYS check Google Classroom

Home Practise will always be assigned through Google Classrooms.

ALWAYS check Google Classroom

This week is:

  • Maths: Mangahigh- complete the tasks set by Teacher, then go to My List.
  • Language Arts- Reading: Raz-plus is now up and running, if there is an assignment or Flight Check please do that first. Then go to Level Up. At least 2 books a week please! You should also be taking books from our class library and the school library.
  • Google Classroom: Please remember to turn it in on Google Classroom. This work goes out on Sundays and should be completed in that week.

What's happening in school?


Creating & Designing fictional characters (Character traits, drawing, characterization)

Creating & Designing settings (Description, places, transportation, houses,


States of matter (in depth with each state)

Experiments (Oobeleck, Slime, Ice, melting, Freezing point, etc)





Angles (Acute, Obtuse, Right, Straight and reflex)



MATHS fun! Learning 2D shapes :)


Mariam showing a love for Guided Reading xx

5.1 Got Spoilt with Mcdonalds by Ms Debs for achieving more than 100 gold medals in Mangahai.. WEll DONE!

New things are happening check out the excitement.

Creating masterpiece collages of parts of a plant!

Math Morning!!!!

Boys having fun using spinners to see how seeds are dispersed!