5-2- Ms Annie

Flying high together!

I am happy and excited to be teaching for a third year at EMS Doha. I am originally from England and love living here in the Middle East, meeting and working with people from all around the world!

Home Learning

Our home learning is on:

  • Google Classroom. The code to join is ho04ek.
  • Mangahigh School id is 365286
  • Raz Plus- remember my teacher code is aferguson34 then you will need your password (same as your school laptop password)


  • Photo money can be given directly to admin( next to block D) to Ms Noha. Please try and give correct change. Last day to order December the 12th
  • Reports will be sent via email to parents on Thursday.
  • Please bring your jackets in as the weather is getting colder

Exciting News: School trips and activities

  • School trip to Darb Al Sai on the 12th of December, leaving in the morning and back by 11.00.
  • National Day on the 14th of December- students can bring in Qatari food and wear National dress or Qatari colours.


Always check Google Classroom

This week is:

  • Maths: Mangahigh- complete the tasks set by Teacher, then go to My List. In Purple books look over Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, 2D and 3D shapes and Data.
  • Language Arts- Reading:Razplus is now up and running, if there is an assignment or Flight Check please do that first. Then go to Level Up. At least 4 books a week please! You should also be taking books from our class library and/or the school library.
  • Google Classroom: Please remember to turn it in on Google Classroom, try not to send it on a separate word document or it won't show Ms Annie you completed your H/W. Any that are emailed are not marked! This work goes out on Sundays and should be completed in that week.

What's happening in school?


  • 'Data Handling.'
  • Why do we collect data
  • Different types of data such as (line graph, tally chart, line plot, pictograph, bar chart)
  • Probability : Understand these terms, Likely, Unlikely, Certain, Uncertain, Possible and Impossible
  • Time- telling time and time intervals. It is really useful for children to start wearing watches to get regular practise.


  • Introduction to Solid, Liquid and Gas
  • What does each state mean, can you think of examples of each?
  • What does Evaporation and Condensation mean? Can they go from one state to another? Think how this can happen
  • Challenge yourself: do some home experiments to help you understand States of Matter

Social Studies

  • Citizenship
  • Understanding how to respect other people's culture and values
  • Respecting the environment around you

Language Arts:

  • Introduction to Poetry
  • The elements of poetry including rhyming patterns and syllables, as well as different types of poems.
  • Discuss metaphorical expressions and figures of speech (simile & metaphor) Idioms, Alliteration, Hyperbole, Onomatopeia

Grammar focus:

  • Singular and plural
  • Metaphor and Simile
  • Sentence opener (learning about the different ways we can start a new sentence)
  • How to use a dictionary
  • Syllables

What a great bunch of Effective Communicators! Thank you to all parents helping their children get their signs- they looked fabulous and each received an ESLR for this.

We discussed ways we could be Effective Communicators- including non verbal skills, and learned how to clap for deaf people.

I would like to thank the whole class for being Effective Communicators this week as I have struggled through the week with a cold and not much of a voice- I hope next week I will be back to 100% and louder than ever :)

Well done to Alonzo for his high school of 13 in our Social Studies challenge today, but Dena beat him by one point with 14! Can anyone top this? Use the link emailed to you to give it a go (whilst helping to remember your North, South, East and West)

Message from Arabic teachers:

I would like to inform you that we create new approach of dealing with the MOHEH books as the following:

1. Arabic books:

- Activity book: should stay at home every day (the teacher can ask the student to bring it to school if needed).

- Student book: should stay at classroom from (Sunday- Tuesday) then the student can take it to home and bring it back at Sunday.

2. Islamic Studies:

- Activity Book: should stay at home.

- Student book: should stay in classroom and the student can take to home if needed.

3. QH book: stays at school. A soft copy will be added to the google site for use at home.

Home Learning SUPERSTARS!

Well done to the following students who have completed all their online home practise! Each get a positive iSAMs for their Independent Learning for each completed section:

  1. Raz Plus
  • Yara
  • Shaikha
  • Rand
  • Miriam
  • Maryam
  • Franchesca
  • Dena

2. MangaHigh

  • Saif
  • Hussain
  • Shaikha
  • Dena
  • Chantelle
  • Alonzo
  • Yahya
  • Miriam
  • Mohamed
  • Maryam

3. Google Classroom

  • Saif
  • Shaikha
  • Rand
  • Doria
  • Dena
  • Roaa
  • Alonzo
  • Kostis
  • Omar
  • Yahya
  • Mohamed
  • Jessica

Home Practise CHAMPIONS!

Shaikha and Dena

These two students are the only ones who have completed every task set to them!

Each have earned an ESLR for Independent Learner and Dynamic Achiever in recognition of this.

Ethical Individual Day

We dressed up as an Ethical Individuals on Thursday 19th October!

Many students chose to come as teachers and principals. We linked our studying in with the day's theme and looked at a playscript of how to be Ethical and safe online. Earlier in the week we discussed how an Ethical Individual would act. Thank you to all the students who dressed up and to parents who assisted!

Group 1- Time 11.21

Group 2- Time 12.27

Group 3- Time 8.45

Social Studies Challenge

This week we did a challenge with our large World map puzzle to see which group could be the first to complete the map! It was 60 pieces and quite a challenge. Teams were chosen by RANDOM STUDENT GENERATOOOOORRRR! Finally the results are revealed!

Group 4- Time 17.24

Group 5- Time 11.10

So the winning team is Group 3! Well done! Your whole team gets 5 extra minutes Golden Time!

Well done to all the teams- you get 2 extra minutes for great teamwork and supporting each other.

For a bonus, the first student to email me telling me they have seen this post gets an extra two minutes for their group!

What a great group of Independent Learners! The whole of Year 5 dressed up as explorers and different people from all the continents of our glorious planet. 5.2 represented Australasia and Oceania- I think we all look fabulous!

Malak and Omar S were our Super ESLR winners last year- who will be it this year?

Science, trips, ICT and learning about ourselves- as well as much much more!

It's always exciting when the Scholastic books arrive! And it gets us even more excited about reading! Scholastic ordering closes TOMORROW (5th October 2017)

Hopefully, for those who ordered, the books will be quick like last time and we could have them by Sunday or Monday!

And ordering means we get even more books for the class to share, like the wonderful 13 Storey Treehouse we have been enjoying!

5-2 timetable 2017-18.docx

Green lessons show where we are in class together for Language Arts, Maths, Science, Social Studies and Character Education and may change depending on what is required each week.

Please make sure your child comes ready for PE on Sunday and Wednesday and that they are at school by 7.05am and picked up at 1.45pm.