Welcome to 5-3

I am so happy to welcome you all to a new year and hope that you all had a fabulous summer. I cannot wait to really get into the swing of things and get to know all of the students and of course parents. A little bit about myself. I am from Ireland and this is my third year in EMS, it's my 9th in Doha overall. I love Doha and really enjoy teaching here experiencing the different cultures and personalities. My aims for the year is to encourage the students to think creatively and provide a learning environment that allows them to grow as students and as people - having alot of fun on the way. I 'm sure there will be lots of adventures and I look forward to meeting you all during the year. Here's to an exciting Term 1!!!!

This is where I will be uploading photos throughout the year. Hopefully there will be lots of fun and activities to show you.


This week we will be continuing to focus on:

Writing poetry for National Poetry Day. Encourage your kids to come with poems about normal day things or the world around them.

  • English
      • Beginning a non fiction report on social studies and the impact of humans on the earth.
      • Paraphrasing and summarising (You can practice both of these by asking your child to do it after reading a story)
      • Non Fiction Text Features (Ask students to point the different features when reading non fiction book from the library)
      • Collecting and researching for information on topics (Students can do their own report at home on a topic they are interested in and present to the class)
  • Math
  • These will be done on a daily basis so as to continue to reinforce the topics.
      • Unit Numbers and Values
      • Addition and Subtraction strategies
      • Place value and Rounding
      • Numbers in word and expanded form
      • Multiplication times tables (use mangahigh and concentrate on one times tables a night)
      • Factors and multpiples
      • Prime, Square and Composite numbers.
  • Science
      • Review of Photosynthesis and the part it plays in the system of a plant.
      • Parts of a flower (introduce)
      • Why all the parts of plant are needed in a system.
      • Continue with Experiment of Different Liquids

Everyone enjoying some fruit while investigating the various seed types. Thank you to all the parents who sent in fruit. I know some students left their fruit at home but the thought and effort was appreciated.

The students really enjoyed eating the fruit and it was good to see everyone loving the healthy food. Everyone had good discussions about the difference in the size and color of seeds while having fun doing it.

School T-Shirt Day

This Thursday the school is holding a T-Shirt Day for the students to celebrate their goals. If it's possible, could everyone get a blank old/new t shirt that can be used to for designing. If you do not have one, use a large piece of paper and stick it onto an old t-shirt with safety pins. I can provide you with paper.

The theme for our class is: Hopes and Dreams - What heights do you want to reach.....?

On the back of the t-shirt must be a famous quote connected to the theme and that means something to you.

Timetable 5-3.pdf

Home Practice

This year, we are aiming to go paperless with the home practice that we set. Tasks will be posted on Google Classroom. The purpose of this website is to make home practice more engaging and enjoyable for your child. It also provides them with the opportunity to develop their 21st Century skills.

Furthermore, all students now have access to two exciting educational resources: RAZ Kids Plus and Mangahigh. You can click on the name of the underlined websites for quick links. Students will be provided with login details for both sites and can use them at their leisure. Teachers are also able to assign tasks via these websites, the details of which will be posted on Classroom.

Students should be using these every night to practice the skills they have been learning in school! Please encourage your child to do this regularly.

In addition, Google Classroom can be downloaded on a phone, tablet, or other electronic device through the app store, allowing students to access this website on multiple devices.

What is Razplus

Razplus is like reading a book but it will be online. It offers a wide range of e-books which I will set up for your child to read depending on their reading level.

It allows them to listen to an audio to help with pronunciation and they can record themselves and send it to me so I can check their speaking. It's a fun way of encouraging reading, with comprehension questions I can set, to check their understanding of what they have read.

Parents asked how they can make sure their child is reading. It is the same way you would check if it were a hardback book. I will also check they are reading and give them questions to check their learning.Your child can still read a hardback book, that is not a problem but Raz Kids will be the main tool for readers homework.

Here is a link showing all the benefits of Raz-Kids, please have a look.