Welcome to 5-3

Photos over term 1

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Well done to







Aly Malek,

Abdulrahman Al Obaidan,






and Aly Amin

For getting positive ISAM's in Art.

Welcome back 5-3. I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing week off. Last term was very positive with you winning Mangahigh Ninja Challenge and pushing yourselves to improve. I can't wait to get stuck into this terms work and see what you can do as you explore space and try to convince me with your persuasive writing. Please see the following for Term 3's work..

Maths/ Measurement

  • Understanding different types of measurements (length, mass, volume)
  • How to convert measurements
  • Estimate (guess) and measure objects
  • Calculate different shapes using area & perimeter


  • Explore the way the earth rotates
  • How it orbits around the sun
  • Learn about the planets in our Solar System
  • Modern Scientists , their lives, work and experiments

LA:/Persuasive Writing/Non-Fiction

  • Understanding persuasive language & ability to use it
  • Identify issues that affect us
  • Identify the authors purpose
  • Demonstrate understanding of the structure of persuasive language
  • To understand the use of persuasive media and its psychological effects.

Mangahigh Ninja Challenge

5-3 You're doing amazing - keep it up. Currently you are third in the school on 158 medals. The top place is 225 medals. Challenge yourself over the weekend and give it a

After School Activities for the second half of the year is now ready for your child to sign up:

Use the following link:

Tomorrow it's Year 5's turn to visit Dar El Sai. Please make sure each student has a healthy packed lunch as they will not be allowed use money inside the event. They are also not allowed to bring their phones tomorrow in case they lose them. It might be better if they left them at home so as they won't be left in school all day unsupervised. I will take pictures of the event and put them into the folder above. Thank you.

This Weeks Focus


  • Polygons
  • Angles
  • 2d/3d shapes
  • Quadrilateral shapes

Science/Social Studies

  • We will finish our seed dispersal posters,and life cycle. We will review what we have done this term on the life of plants
  • We will look at map skills, how to read one, draw our own maps and understand different landforms around the world


  • Finish off playscripts. Students should all use a plan before writing their final piece.
  • We will start poetry next week


Year 5-3's assembly is being held on Wednesday at 12:00 in the small cafeteria. It would be fantastic to see you there and the students have been working hard on their presentation.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Please see Google Classroom for the home practice this week. There is both Math practice and English practice. To help students with Math they should be practicing their times tables every night at home and also reading their levelled book and Raz Plus. Mangahigh has many activities assigned to them to help them with multiplication. Allowing the students to read out loud and talking to them about their book helps students become excited about reading and will help them progress in literacy and reading.

I am so happy to welcome you all to a new year and that you all had a fabulous summer. I cannot wait to really get into the swing of things and get to know all of the students and of course parents. A little bit about myself. I am from Ireland and this is my second year in EMS, it's my 8th in Doha overall. I love Doha and really enjoy teaching here experiencing the different cultures and personalities. My aims for the year is to encourage the students to think creatively and provide a learning environment that allows them to grow as students and as people - having alot of fun on the way. I 'm sure there will be lots of adventures and I look forward to meeting you all during the year. Here's to an exciting Term 1!!!!