Welcome to Year 5.4 2018/2019

Mr. Martin who has been teaching the same year group for the past 7 years in middle east will be the new Year 5-4 teacher for this academic year. This is my third year at English Modern School. Get ready to have fun while learning in this wonderful year. I love it when my students are happy and see me as a mentor, a friend and a teacher. Moreover, kids don't learn from the people they hate.

Bulletin Board

We shall a whole class photo session on Wednesday 21st August 2018 at 10:20. Be reminded to wear full school uniform.


Reading assessment (Developmental Reading Assessment-DRA) started last week and will continue throught this week. I am happy to see a lot of improvement in terms of reading fluency, speed, accuracy and comprehension skills. This is thanks to the numerous reading strategies we have put in place such as Guided reading, Shared reading, and Independent reading.



Explore different forms of poetry

Writing poems into verses/stanzas

Figures of speech

Edit and revise non-chronological reports


Review of Number system

2D Shapes

Word problems


Review of Life cycle of a plant

Non-Chronological report on plants

Different ways of plant reproduction (Runners, Tubers, Bulbs)

Social Studies

Non-Chronological report on Natural disasters


Classroom expectations

At Mr. Martin's class, we strive to maintain a positive environment where students and staff enjoy school and treat each other with mutual respect. We P.R.I.D.E ourselves in what we do.

  • P- Positive Attitude
  • R- Respect for All
  • I- Integrity
  • D- Doing the Right Thing
  • E- Effort Towards Learning

PRIDE yourself to Be Great! Be a Leader!

Timetable 5-4 2019.pdf

Websites to use at home;

Mangahigh - Math

Raz-Plus- Literacy

Home Learning Expectations

Kindly make a daily follow-up routine by asking your child the following questions;

  1. What new things did you learn today?
  2. Did you have an opportunity to be challenged to think harder?
  3. Do you have any pending school work or homework that you need to complete?

As a parent, you need to make sure you read with your child for at least 30 minutes daily or make sure they make use of Raz-Plus to read for at least 30 minutes daily.


Maths session

This student is demonstrating how to multiply 3-digit number by 2-digit number using the AREA MODEL METHOD.

Students are practising with 1-100 Grid on how to spot both Prime and Composite numbers.

Information Technology Session

Students are using this opportunity to read on the Raz-Plus platform and practise Maths skills on Manga-High.

Science Investigation- Dissecting a Lily Flower

These are some of the projects completed by the students. They were able to dissect the Lily flower and label all the necessary parts.

Cancer awareness week

The students had a chance to create awareness of cancer and also learn more about the disease.

Group Activities

Students are enjoying group activities as they gain more confidence to contribute to the learning process.