Welcome to Year 5.4 2017/2018

Mr. Martin who has been teaching the same year group for the past 6 years in middle east will be the new Year 5-4 teacher for this academic year. This is my second year at English Modern School. Get ready to have fun while learning in this wonderful year. I love it when my students are happy and see me as a mentor, a friend and a teacher. Moreover, kids don't learn from the people they hate.


Kindly note that the 2017/2018 academic year runs until 14th June 2018. Students are therefore expected to keep coming to school until the last day because formative assessments are still on, which can make a huge difference on the overall report score.


Maths/ Measurement

  • Understanding different types of measurements (length, mass, volume)
  • How to convert measurements
  • Estimate (guess) and measure objects
  • Calculate different shapes using area & perimeter


  • Explore the way the earth rotates
  • How it orbits around the sun
  • Learn about the planets in our Solar System
  • Modern Scientists , their lives, work and experiments

LA:/Persuasive Writing/Non-Fiction

  • Understanding persuasive language & ability to use it
  • Identify issues that affect us
  • Identify the authors purpose
  • Demonstrate understanding of the structure of persuasive language
  • To understand the use of persuasive media and its psychological effects.

BATTLE OF THE BOOKS (Reading competition)

  • We are just two weeks away until Battle of the Books begin.
  • A total of 35 teams from the Primary Division.
  • The schedule is posted in Block D and library entrance door for the participants' reference.

Quarter Finals April 10

Semifinals April 11

Finals April 12

The winning team from our school and EMS Al Khor will battle on April 17 for the District Championship.

-Should you have concerns, please let me know.


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