Ms. Irene

Welcome Year 5.5

Hello Year 5's and parents.

I am Ms. Irene from sunny South Africa. Back home I taught for 5 years and this is my 3rd year teaching in Qatar. I believe my students will be able to grow as individuals and global citizens through affection, values and knowledge. In every class, my students will be engaged and motivated to learn through a vast range of activities, media and resources. Let us embrace this new school year always aiming for excellence.


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Home Practice

This year, we are aiming to go paperless with the home practice that we set. Weekly tasks will be posted on Google Classroom. The purpose of this website is to make home practice more engaging and enjoyable for your child. It also provides them with the opportunity to develop their 21st Century skills.

Furthermore, all students now have access to two exciting new educational resources: RAZ Kids Plus and Mangahigh. You can click on the name of the underlined websites for quick links. Students have been provided with login details for both sites and can use them at their leisure. Teachers are also able to assign tasks via these websites, the details of which will be posted on Classroom.

In addition, Google Classroom can be downloaded on a phone, tablet, or other electronic device through the app store, allowing students to access this website on multiple devices.


Where textbooks should be:

  • Oxford Math Workbook - Home
  • Collins Math Textbook - Home
  • Collins Math Workbook - School
  • Social Studies Textbook - School
  • Science Textbook - School
  • Science Workbook - School


Enjoy our adventure of learning with us by clicking on the link...