Ms Habiba's class 5.6


My name is Habiba, this is now my third year at EMS.I am looking forward to having this experience and getting to know my wonderful new students.I hope to bring a positive influence to my class and look forward to learning from them too.If you have any concerns or questions please contact me via email at

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Sports Day Pics taken by Ms Masuma

Important Dates and Information

Assembly:Cycle C

14th March: Ms Belinda's classd May: Ms Habiba and Ms Renai's class

  • Library every Wednesday (please look after books and bring them back how you find them or a fine will be given).
  • Please bring in headsets for ICT lessons

Weekly Updates


What are we doing on the last term?

Maths/ Measurement

  • Understanding different types of measurements (length, mass, volume)
  • How to convert measurements
  • Estimate (guess) and measure objects
  • Calculate different shapes using area & perimeter


  • Explore the way the earth rotates
  • How it orbits around the sun
  • Learn about the planets in our Solar System
  • Modern Scientists , their lives, work and experiments

LA:/Persuasive Writing/Non-Fiction

  • Understanding persuasive language & ability to use it
  • Identify issues that affect us
  • Identify the authors purpose
  • Demonstrate understanding of the structure of persuasive language
  • To understand the use of persuasive media and its psychological effects.


Always check google classroom, important information will be updated weekly.

This week is:

  • Maths:Mangahigh and times table: You need to choose one timetable you need to work on and practise that this week.
  • LA Readers:Razplus is now up and running, please also take your reading book from our class or one you chose from the library
  • Spelling: is on Google classroom
  • Google classroom for LA Writers (please remember to turn it in on Google Classroom, try not to send it on a separate word document or it won't show Ms Habiba you completed your H/W).

Here are some pictures of what we've been upto in class :)