Welcome 5-7!

My name is Ms Carolyn, and I am from Scotland, which is part of the UK. This is now my tenth year as a teacher and my sixth year at EMS! I love to learn new things and try out new approaches in my classroom. As such, I hope you are just as excited as I am to explore, investigate and learn together!

What's happening in school?


Story openings

Trouble and solution in stories

Continue writing about setting and characters


Water cycle

Water cycle experiments




2D Shapes

3D Shapes


Word problems (understanding and comprehension)

Nets of 3D shapes

Introduction to plot in the first quadrant

Social Studies

Work on International Day Project

School T-Shirt Day

This Thursday the school is holding a T-Shirt Day for the students to celebrate their goals. If it's possible, could everyone get a blank old/new t shirt that can be used to for designing. If you do not have one, use a large piece of paper and stick it onto an old t-shirt with safety pins. I can provide you with paper.

The theme for our class is: Hopes and Dreams - What heights do you want to reach.....?

On the back of the t-shirt must be a famous quote connected to the theme and that means something to you.

Meet the Teacher Poster


Teaching Philosophy

As we set out together on this learning journey, it is important to remember why we do what we do, both as teachers and learners. You see, as shocking as it seems, the true purpose of education is not for students simply to score highly on a test! While this may be a welcome product of sound teaching and learning, education is about much, much more than a percentage score on an assessment paper.

As a class teacher, I hope to help my students develop a wide set of skills: ones that are not limited to the subject specific but include skills such as leadership, collaboration, self-direction and so on. As such, I would encourage students to take some time at the start of this year to reflect on what they would like to work on, beyond academics. Becoming more confident, making new friends and showing greater empathy for others: these are examples of goals that are just as important as being able to do mental maths or write an exciting story.

Here's to learning more than how to pass tests! Let's make the year ahead a great one.