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Welcome to 2018 class, this is when we can really start to see the work that we have started take shape. The first term is complete and we can only get better from here. I want to wish all of my students and parents a blessed New Year with many blessings upon you and your family.

What is Happening


for Completing the Challenge that was set by Mr Carl on MANGAHIGH

200 Gold

250 Silver

1000 Bronze


School Uniforms

Assembly:Cycle F

23 May Mr Carl (Your invited parents)

  • Library every Wednesday (please look after books and bring them back how you find them or a fine will be given).
  • Last day to Check out books is 3 May, "ALL BOOKS RETURNED BY 17 MAY".
  • Please bring in headsets for ICT lessons (Monday, and Tuesday)

Weekly Updates

  • Please bring your water bottles as the weather slowly changes to summer here in Doha.


Always check google classroom, important information will be updated weekly.

Google classroom for LA Writers (please remember to turn it in on Google Classroom, try not to send it on a separate word document or it won't show Mr Carl you have completed your H/W).

What's happening this week?

  • Maths/ Measurement
  • Understanding different types of measurements (length, mass, volume)
  • How to convert measurements
  • Estimate (guess) and measure objects
  • Calculate different shapes using area & perimeter


  • Science Project for 5-8 (DUE 10 May)
  • Explore the way the earth rotates
  • How it orbits around the sun
  • Learn about the planets in our Solar System
  • Modern Scientists , their lives, work and experiments

LA:/Persuasive Writing/Non-Fiction

  • Understanding persuasive language & ability to use it
  • Identify issues that affect us
  • Identify the authors purpose
  • Demonstrate understanding of the structure of persuasive language
  • To understand the use of persuasive media and its psychological effects.

Class Timetable

Copy of 5-8 Time table

School Calendar

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Learing Links


What is happening in 5-8

Two big events happened recently which was International day and Sports Day at EMS. This created a magnificent show of your children in learning about other cultures and sportsmanship.

After School Activities for the second half of the year is now ready for your child to sign up:

Use the following link: