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"I'm Possible"

Welcome to 2018 class, this is when we can really start to see the work that we have started take shape. The first term is complete and we can only get better from here. I want to wish all of my students and parents a blessed New Year with many blessings upon you and your family.

What is Happening

Assembly:Cycle C

24th January : Ms Marwah's class

14th March: Ms Belina's class

2nd May: Ms Habiba and Ms Renai's class

  • Library every Wednesday (please look after books and bring them back how you find them or a fine will be given).
  • Please bring in headsets for ICT lessons

Weekly Updates

  • Please bring your jackets in as the weather is getting colder


Always check google classroom, important information will be updated weekly.

This week is:

  • Maths:Mangahigh and times table: next week you will learn your square numbers this week
  • LA Readers:Razplus is now up and running, please also take your reading book from our class or one you chose from the library
  • Spelling: is on Google classroom

Google classroom for LA Writers (please remember to turn it in on Google Classroom, try not to send it on a separate word document or it won't show Ms Habiba you completed your H/W).

What's happening this week?


  • We have started our new unit 'Data Handling.'
  • Why do we collect data
  • different types of data such as (line graph, tally chart, line plot, pictograph, bar chart)
  • Probability : Understand these terms, Likely, Unlikely, Certain, Uncertain, Possible and Impossible


  • Introduction to Solid, Liquid and Gas
  • What does each state mean, can you think of examples of each?
  • What does Evaporation and Condensation mean? Can they go from one state to another? Think how this can happen
  • Challenge yourself, do some home experiments to help you understand S O M ( you shoukd know what this means )

Social Studies

  • Citizenship
  • Understanding how to respect other people's culture and values
  • Respecting the environment around you


  • Introduction to Poetry
  • The elements of poetry ( look in your notes if you forgot)
  • Discuss metaphorical expressions and figures of speech (simile & metaphor)

Grammar focus for the week

  • Singular and plural
  • Metaphor and Similie
  • Sentence opener (learning about the different ways we can start a new sentence)
  • How to use a dictionary

Class Timetable

Copy of 5-8 Time table

School Calendar

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What is happening in 5-8

The class is in full swing, this past week the students were working diligently on their Land Form posters. The students were able to work alone or in groups on this task. The work that they have put into this assignment has brought a smile to this teachers face. Well done all.